Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canada Day Weekend

I love long weekends!! I had planned on doing a Canada Day post...that was before the parade though. Saturday we awoke to gorgeous weather and it was so nice, all of the stores were closed so there wasn't that feeling of...am I supposed to be doing something...besides enjoying the gorgeous weather. Alex and I chilled out down in the playroom, me with my Summer's Magic Dragons and him having a grand old time with his little people, especially now that there were obstacles for him to drive around (still hadn't gotten around to moving the last load of furniture from my grandmothers). In the afternoon, I mowed the beast of a lawn and Matt had a support call so he couldn't join us for the parade. The parade itself was pretty neat, a 'green' parade with no gas powered vehicles allowed (although they made an exception for the seniors float), it started to spit rain though just as it was starting so we headed under the nearby underpass and climbed up on the concrete a bit so we could see...however climbing up was easy...we weren't thinking of how to get down. I now know how cats get stuck up in trees ;) Anyway, I decided the easiest way to get Alex down was to walk across to the crushed rock and onto the grass. This involved navigating around some glass and having a very excited kid take off as the hong kong group was coming with the really cool dragons, and me turning to grab him and smacking my head on the underpass *OUCH*. I sat out the parade, which thankfully wasn't too long without the whole slew of floats and went home to have a nice nap. The fireworks were amazing this year, I don't know which was more wired, them or Alex (who was insisting we check the weather network on the hour to make sure it wasn't going to rain again). A full 20 minute show!! We had perfect timing and arrived just as they were getting started (although this meant walking past a whole lotta drunk people). By the end of it though the combination of the scrape and goose egg on my head and the 20 minutes of explosions gave me a large enough headache that I was tucking Alex in bed in my sleep.

Sunday rained...and rained...and rained some more! Which has the lawn now looking like it could use another good mowing!! It was muggy though so Alex and I were hanging around in the playroom again, more work on the guardian angel's wing ensued. It did clear up for a bit when we went out to meet the man buying our old stove and went out for supper, then I stitched and watched the lightening...much more fascinating than the summer reruns. And what may I ask is up with CBC only bringing back Dr Who in October, ack! That was our summer staple last year!!

Monday was absolutely gorgeous. I cleaned off a new dresser for the computer room while Alex watched Sesame Street and brought the drawers upstairs. After 11 though we were outside enjoying the weather. I cleaned out Alex's pool while the clothes dried on the line. After lunch he was ready to swim and I was ready to stitch poolside. Matt even put together my composter, woo hoo. I didn't finish the white on the wing like I'd hoped but I may just sneak some stitching in on it tonight to finish that off. I also got to go to Body Combat, which I normally don't get to do where Matt's not in town Monday's and where it's at 5 it makes juggling Alex impossible. We even got Alex's new 'castle' of a bed arranged last night when he was in the tub, it's higher than our bed where it's a box spring and mattress on a captains bed. He LOVES it though. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Canada Day weekend (or just weekend if it didn't apply) ;)


Shannon L. said...

Sounds like a great long weekend! I envy you your big yard... until I see how fast our grass grows LOL Good exercise I'd imagine :)

Faith Ann said...

I can't wait to see Summer's Magic!!

I hope your head is feeling better...ouch.

Angela said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The fireworks were definitely impressive!