Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Alex!!

Well, we had one little excited boy in the house today...and he hasn't even received his new bike yet ;) I went in his room and woke him up with a soft happy birthday song, and then he got to open one present (as chosen by me...a ninja turtle shirt and khaki shorts for school). He even got to have a taco along with his breakfast (his favorite food). We then hopped in the van and headed to Tracy's so he could catch the bus with the girls. As we were pulling into her subdivision his name was announced on the birthday parade on the radio and you should have seen the grin on his face!! When he openned the door at Tracy's the girls serenaded him with a round of Happy Birthday. More grins ensued ;)

Tonight I'll be picking him up, having some tacos and birthday cake and taking him to Over The Hedge @7. His birthday works out really well with the summer releases ;) Considering that the tacos are ready, as is the cake it should be a fairly quiet night with the boys. I don't know who's looking forward to the movie more, Alex or his mom ;)

Last night was also fairly quiet, after the groceries were brought in and the recycling taken out. I did something I haven't done in years, played the piano! I did get some stitching in as well, working a little bit more on my needleroll and reading another chapter of my Monica Ferris book ;) We got some pictures from Dad's birthday party... the dog managed to steal every shot ;)

This weekend should be fairly quiet. Mom and dad will be down for a day...although welcome to stay more, Matt's dad might spray our lawn (hopefully just dandilion and ant killer, I can't take whatever fertilizer made it grow so much I had to mow three times a week at one acre lot is alot of mowing with a push mower...even with the small stretch of trees in the back). work for me!! Hooray!


Faith Ann said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!!!

Hope you enjoy the movie tonight... and have a great weekend!

Laural said...

Happy Birthday to Alex and Dad! I hope that the movie was great!

Heather said...

Ah happy birthday Alex.

Shannon L. said...

Belated happy birthday to both Alex and your Dad :) Sounds like a fantastic birthday !!