Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hungry As A Horse

Oh my, lately at Alex's school they've been learning 'where does my food come from?' and this topic fascinates him. We've been very careful around the meat subject because I fear if he analyzes it too much he might go vegan! Case in point I was making a dish with ground beef the other day and he told me that maybe I should only use ground beef in his friday tacos so we didn't kill too many cows as there might not be any left to make milk for the growing boy! this then lead to the discussion on the types of cows, good grief. Then this weekend I went to put out the garbage and noticed a bunch of apple cores, odd, they'd been there un touched for a week... I walked into the living room to find Alex eating an apple (I was so happy that having healthy snacks out and ready was finally getting noticed), then he asked me if horses liked seeds...so I take it he learned Friday that horses like apples at school ;)

In other Alex'isms we were informed that he wanted what sounded like 'kiss a donut" with the windows open as we drove in the van to Cars. It was only half way down the road that Matt figured out he wanted a Kia Sedona! (I hope our Chrysler and Toyota's feelings weren't hurt too much). Apparently a couple weeks ago Matt woke up to a very concerned Alex who informed him we could not buy a Kia Sedona. Matt caught completely off guard in a saturday morning haze asked why...Alex had just seen the commercial that showed the side impact curtain airbags deploying and he's been told on multiple occasions that he DOES NOT ride in ANYONE's front seat because airbags are not made for little kids and can kill them. He later asked me a question about side airbags in the back and I explained how they were different than front ones and safe for kids....now he thinks that's great and wants a Kia Sedona...most little boys dream of a high price foreign sports car, mine dreams of a budget minivan!! ;)

Last night I didn't get much stitching in at all, I did some pricing of china as I have some teacups to sell that won't fit in my china cabinet and called Tracy to find out the specifics about today's school picnic. There was a message that said don't take them to the creek during or after the picnic...well I was like where on earth is the picnic and is this a half day as the school is commonly referred to as the creek, I needed to be set straight that the note meant the ACTUAL creek ;) I stitched for a little...up until the hurricane's scored goal two and then headed for bed.

Tonight Matt and I have a date, woo hoo! It's hard to believe it's been a MONTH since our big day!!


Faith Ann said...

Happy One-Month anniversary!! Enjoy the movie tonight!

I went to bed after goal two as well... I'm glad I didn't stay up to see the end.

I'm not looking forward to the "where does this food come from?" stage... I'll probably go vegan if I think about it too much LOL

Shannon L. said...

A month already ! ? Wow, time flies :)

Love the Alex'isms. He's a charmer, isn't he ? :) And my father is almost a vegan... couldn't stomach much meat growing up seeing all his farm yard friends "vanish". lol I try not to think about it. I like meat too much !

Barbara said...

My DH and I just returned from our date night (we try to go out every Thursday, though it doesn't often work out). It was fun, and I hope yours was too!

Alex cracks me up. What a thoughtful, funny boy! :)