Monday, June 12, 2006

Party Time

First of all a big welcome and thanks to all those who've found there way over here in the last couple months, I really appreciate the comments ;)

Besides Alex's birthday party we had a fairly quiet weekend. Friday it rained (an ongoing NB theme), so I plugged away at The Most Patterns, realizing that I was missing a DMC, arghhh... This made stitching in the hill not that fun as I had to count around the swirlies (normally I'd have done those first). We did head out Saturday to the mall as Alex was in desperate need of a hair cut, Matt was in desperate need of a shave (out of blades) and I was in desperate need to get out of the house considering it was yet again raining! I headed to walmart while the boys were at the barber's, and finally found Alex pj's that had shorts and weren't 16$ or covered with monster trucks. We then headed to fabricville to pick up some DMC and then it was off to
Quizno's for supper and icecream. I found a new favorite flavor Praline Pumpkin Passion, yum!

Sunday was the big birthday party Phew...5-6 year olds have a TONNE of energy!! The confirmed arrivals met up perfectly with the number I was aiming for (6, one for each year). The kids all seemed to have a good time and it's a good thing I'd made up little extra loot bags to go with the normal ones McDonald's gives out as they were out, grr... but the refills on drinks definitely cost more and we got those for free ;) After the party we headed to one of Alex's little friends houses for a visit, needless to say someone was definitely in need of a bath when we got home!!

Due to our late lun-pper we had some scrambled eggs and bacon. I tried out my sundried tomate dip mix from Epicure in the eggs and they were very yummy! Alex ate his in warp speed and Matt commented on how much he liked it (which is huge in itself as I don't think he was raised much with spices for flavoring in his food). I finally got to pull out my Guardian Angel for the SAL at 8 and plugged away at the wings. Tonight hopefully I'll be able to actually SEE progress ;)

So stitching wise it wasn't as good a weekend as I'd forseen, but it was fun none the less (besides all of the rain). Hopefully though The Most Patterns should be wrapped up this week and then I can move onto the last of this years 'stitching room' projects and then find other smalls/mediums to do out of my DD stash ;)


Faith Ann said...

Glad to hear that Alex had a great party :)

Hmmmm, praline pumpkin passion sounds like something I *need* to give a try!

I need to make some eggs to try that out. I sprinkled some of the pesto on the English muffin ham/cheese melts that I did in the oven and it added an amazing flavour.

Barbara said...

What a great party Alex had! Though I must warn you, those energy levels just keep increasing! This year our oldest turned 8 and we had a hard time keeping up with the party-goers! LOL.