Monday, June 26, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

Yay, what a productive weekend!!! After coming home on a mini high from getting Alex's school situation straightened out (minus the paper work) and a rockin body pump class, doing some end of school celebrating and getting the monkey to bed I sat down on the couch, popped in some Indiana Jones and finished I love Stitching (Pic to follow this evening hopefully). Yay!!

Then on Saturday I got up and finished (with the exception of ornamentifying) my SB St. Nicholas needleroll. It was overcast and cool out so I started up the mower and did the front and back yard. After that we combined some errands that I needed to do (pick up some floss and pick up my fabric for the LK First Christmas ornament from Tracy) and had supper at Quiznos. Saturday is Matt's 'cooking night' and if that's his idea of cooking that's fine by me ;)

Sunday morning, after helping Alex get a couple words that he didn't know in Dr Seuss' I Can Read With My Eyes Shut (omigosh the boy can read) I finished reading A Murderous Yarn which to date was one of the most interesting of the needlecraft mysteries are read but the who dunnit was pretty easy to figure out unfortunately. I did pump after lunch, forgot to drop by Shurgain :( and headed straight for Groceries, d'uh. We then packed up for a picnic supper at O'dell Park, which was interesting. We got there and I'd forgotten the bbq flipper and lighter, and accidentally brought breakfast sausages instead of weiners for Alex. He actually liked the sausage hotdogs (we didn't tell him the difference) better than any he's had before ;) We then headed to Wilmot park to go to the wading pool, Alex met up with some of his friends there so by the time we got them all out of the pool they were all pretty blue ;)

Yesterday was just one of those days, we got one of 'those' phone calls about going 'up north', probably why I was in a preoccupied/forgetful mood. You know, those phone calls where you're bothered about travelling to places where the people think 6 hours of their time is a visit but you should be there 48-72 hours??? Arghh...

I can't wait to get back to stitching Guardian Angel tonight, I did squeeze some time in yesterday but tonight will be fully dedicated to stitching her ;) Especially after the Monday morning I've had. Not to name names but a recently married male someone ;) put a torn bag back in the bags to reuse pile and in the rush I grabbed it and put my needleroll in it to ornamentize over lunch...well didn't I get to the parking lot at the office (free parking is a block+ away) and realize that it fell out somewhere on the trip., thankfully it wasn't windy today and I found both it and the pattern, phew....

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Angela said...

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend (minus the phone call). Can't wait to stitch tonight!