Friday, June 23, 2006

Is the Month Almost Over???

TGIF it's Friday. What have I been up to?? Well, I'm going on day three of waiting for the school board to get back to me on early immersion. What?? Early Immersion, something we've been completely against due to the lack of English instruction time but lets digress... Wednesday I'm happily working away at my desk when I get this dead serious call, 'your son Alex goes to ***** school', at this point I panic thinking there's been an accident, then I get this complete BS about English being full and he'd have to go to our zoned school. Our school district looks like someone took a hatchet to figure out zoning and guess who's on the line (on the road to our house the zone flip flops between the two schools four times). I immediately panic, I'm the only parent in town during the day (not by choice), the daycare's in the other zone either do not fit our needs or the references I've checked have not gone well, plus we love Alex's childcare provider, I a)can't leave the office every day at 2, b) can't put off all car maintenance until the summer (need car back by 2) so we're waiting to see if we can register him in early immersion as there are supposed to be a number of slots open. I don't understand this zoning crap, there is NO ONE at our house from day to day, we arrive there at supper and leave there early, why they need THAT house number in an emergency I don't know. They obviously don't think that women are capable of working real jobs either. I HATE compromising our education strategy but our hands are truly tied, and with a red hot housing market we can't just pick up and move and afford the inflated asking prices (besides the fact we love our home).

I was so stressed out I didn't even notice the big bag Faith Ann was taking out of the van when we went stitching that night, when the girls yelled surprise I kept looking around as to who they were turned out to be a bridal shower for me!! WOW, I feel truly blessed!! The last stitching night fell so close to the wedding that they thought I wouldn't make it so it was scheduled for this month, cool :) It was so nice to be able to sit back and enjoy without thinking of all the wedding stuff I needed to do, it provided the same pick me up that Eleni's surprise shower had back in march (before wedding panic kicked in). Needless to say I didn't get much stitching in that night, I was just in shock!

Last night Alex had soccer, he was so excited to wear his new shin guards. We broke with tradition and drove over, it was getting overcast and I didn't want to end up walking home in a thunder shower. I got a little stitching in and caught up with Nancy on how the Spring retreat went. I tried really hard to finish my Monica Ferris book, but two days of extreme stress took it's tole and I was out like a light at 10.

This weekend I'm really hoping to be done I Love Stitching at least. We're going over to watch Matt's ball tourament weather permitting tomorrow. I'd like to go over and have a lunch date with Alex...also possibly at McDonalds or maybe even at the Diner, for some milkshakes. I really don't know what he'll decide ;) Then Sunday there's NOTHING on the schedule, woo hoo. Just some Guardian Angel Stitching!!! :)


Faith Ann said...

My little guy is super excited about the chance to play with Alex tomorrow morning, so I hope the weather is okay!!

I hope you get some word from the school board soon... what a pain.

Shannon L. said...

I hope the school board situation works out. Unbelievable :(

Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like a good one to me ! :)