Friday, June 09, 2006

Thursday's Post

Don't you hate blogger issues?? Here's my Thursday post a day late ;)

Sigh…the rain is back. Well at least I got the lawn mowed last night, just so it can grow all over again!! Be careful what you wish for, our lawn has very few weeds and my goodness healthy ones need to be mowed ALOT more often. Now for a little lawn that wouldn’t be so bad but when ½-¾ or so of your 1.2 acre lot is grass…

As for stitching the last couple of days I’ve had one of those…I’m almost finished but just can’t keep stitching on it things going on with The Most Patterns, I’ve been a good girl and gone to bed early the last couple of nights and that’s meant my stitching time has gone into my SB St Nicholas needleroll! I did however finish reading Unraveled Sleeve though so that’s a finish right??

Last night was a bit hectic at the house too, wouldn’t you know that the door we don’t use and temporarily have the table top set up against until we take the teak table down had people come to it last night. When Matt came in one of the neighbors teens came looking to borrow jumper cables, but Matt informed her that he wasn’t boosting off of our cars (both could probably stand to have new batteries put in before the winter) so she went to find someone to boost from and then came back to the front door to ask for them….so the table top had to move. You’d think she’d have gotten the hint when Matt said he had to get the shed key and came out the other door so I put the top back, WRONG! Back to the front door she came to return them…I must say, she had enough makeup on that if she’d skipped buying for a month she could have bought BOTH of our vehicles new batteries ;) Then Angela brought my Epicure order as soon as she left so our front door was super busy.

After Alex went to bed, I went to check out a message board thread I’d started. I really had felt bad when Hoffman turned Tracy ( ) down citing, not enough requests. I don’t just love her designs because she’s a friend, they’re just like a breath of fresh air to my stash!! Any time I post a finish on the boards there are always a number of "Where do I find?" replies so I’ve forwarded them on directly to the source ;) (not go to your shop, have them email Hoffman and if you aren’t completely frustrated then I’ll help you). If Hoffman could see how many of those I get of a single post here and there I think they’d see just what they were missing. Now, I’m getting off track… I pc vented how I felt my good intentions had kind of backfired but then received a tonne of useful information and support for Tracy on alternate distribution sources and more designer’s to support her. I think because our favorite stitching shop Because You Count’s (which is probably the biggest shop this side of Montreal) primary distribution source is Hoffman and where the other NB talent Dragon Dreams (ok…that’s MEGA talent ;)) and Stitchable Expressions are both distributed by Hoffman there was some tunnel vision on distribution sources. I realize stitching is in a temporary lull so please don’t think that I think of Hoffman as some evil corporate giant…June just also happens to be the ‘patriotic’ release month…which to a Canadian doesn’t mean to much ;)

So after forwarding on the info to Tracy and checking on my WoW priest LizzieKate, I was ready to prep Alex’s lunch (thanks to a screw up at the school where they didn’t take his hot lunch order) and made a little snack with my epicure buys I was ready for bed J
Tonight I’m hoping to at least finish the daisies and maybe the swirls on the hillside of TMP, aiming for a finish this weekend but we’ll see. Alex’s kid friendly party is Sunday so I imagine Saturday I’ll hit some sort of panic mode that I hadn’t planned enough or something ;)


Faith Ann said...

That's a good idea... there must be alternatives to Hoffman's.

Hope Alex has a great time at his birthday party!! Have a great weekend!

Shannon L. said...

I think her designs are refreshing and new. Somedays I wonder about Hoffman's decisions... I have asked a couple of Toronto shops about stocking her designs too, so hopefully !

Have a great weekend :D Hope the grass doesn't grow too quickly this week LOL

Christine said...

I checked out your friend's website and her designs are beautiful! I really like Wishful Stitching. I should ask my LNS here in Edmonton if they know about her.

(Btw, I'm Christine and I found my way over to your blog from Faith Ann's!)

Barbara said...

I'm one of the many you've helped to connect with Tracy - I also love her designs. She's lucky to have you in her corner! :)