Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bring on the Caffeine!

Oh my, my head hurts and I'm sooo sleepy. Last night ws finally a decent stitching night (although I was mucho disorganized). Eleni and Angela joined me in a little stitching and bitching which was fun, Matt even had to go fix the bolt on the exhaust system on the Corolla so it was an 'uncensored' conversation ;) I really needed it! I was on a hemstitching fix and finished what needed to be done on my SB needleroll and then moved on to my Guardian Angel after locating her. I REALLY need to 'dewedding' my craft room, I think that's what I'll be dedicating my Flylady 15 minutes to tonight...Ready set Timer!

I had really good intentions of posting pics and blogging last night, but Alex started coughing a bit when the girls were over, which he hadn't done all day. And then the second the door closed after the girls left and Matt was on a very loud cell phone support call I could hear him coughing and gasping over the conversation so I rushed into see what was wrong. I've never had to deal with croup when I couldn't just walk out into the cold air and have it clear everything up.

Needing a shower I put on my swimsuit (oh the modesty ;)) and thankfully I'd just brought up a clean bathmat so Alex layed on that where I could keep an eye on him and inhaled some steam which helped. Matt's call was still loud and I wanted to keep an eye/ear on Alex so we went downstairs and camped out. He fell asleep as we were flipping through JCS ornament issues and he was picking out his fave ornaments ;) Too cute ;)

This morning I felt like my legs were in tar and my head was throbbing from lack of sleep, I was up like a shot every time he had a hard cough, and do you think I could find my started Summer's Magic?? Heck no. So I grabbed a kitted up ornament and off I went to work. It's going to be a LONG day!!

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Faith Ann said...

I hope Alex (and you) had a better night last night!