Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Math and Stitching Don't Mix

Phew...Alex's cold is completely gone. What a weird experience. Last night I got home to a muggy house and had Starvin Guy Chicken Pot Pie on the menu (it was supposed to rain according to the weather network when I made the menu) and the chicken was already cooked in the slow cooker so I had to proceed. I was so hot and sweaty by the time it was in the oven you'd have thought I'd been to the gym, and after all that work my appetite was completely killed. And working through a 'crabby kid who'd been sick and lacks sleep' episode just made me want to shower and lay down.

So, there was no progress in the craft room last night, sigh...The kitchen was clean though after Matt neglected to do so the night before due to his muffler fixing & support call tying up the evening. I really should page him when he gets behind on his end of the housework ;)

After Alex was in bed, a new batch of hummingbird food cooling in the fridge and the living room tidied up some more, Epicure order placed, Matt persuaded me to sit down and compute for awhile. I was multitasking at the console, playing and starting the pinwheel stitch border around my current ornament, what sadist puts that in??? ;) It's a good thing I love stitching as when you get down to it, to do the 36 pinwheel stitches it actually means 1152 individual stitches...for an ornament border and that's not including the alternating round leviathan stitch in the corners ;) It's a good thing us stitchers don't think of these things often!! The only reason I even got close to calculating that was I was stitching in bed and Matt went to shut off the light....1/4 of the way into a pinwheel.. Well I said just let me finish it and after seeing the needle move and move and move he thought I was going on and stitching I then gave him the number of stitches per pinwheel, math in hobbies is scary ;)


Faith Ann said...

Oh gosh, I think if I thought of how many actual stitches were involved in a project, I'd be so overwhelmed that I wouldn't get anything done... ever!

Glad Alex is feeling better.

I've gotta say, I was pretty glad we were having leftovers last night, because our kitchen was too hot to cook in!

Shannon L. said...

LOL I actually do things like that - count the number of stitches. I try not to let everyone know that. They might call me a nerd or something :)

I'm glad Alex is feeling better. Hope you are too ! And was the pie worth all that effort ? I do love that recipe. But I'm not sure I want to heat up the kitchen right now.