Friday, September 29, 2006


Well, after all the excitement in the morning yesterday everything kind of fizzled (thankfully). We went to Ringo's to celebrate Steven's birthday which was low key (and yummy). He's not the one to want a big public spectacle for his birthday. After we retreated back to my house and served up his ice cream cake and gifts. Alex now thinks he too needs a battery charger as Steven got one for his MP3 player. Alex also informed us that he thinks he should have an 'I-Pot', pot nor Ipod, he's getting neither...maybe an IDog for christmas. He also did a birthday dance for Steven, my goodness that boy loves to dance. I told him I had the movie Grease and they did alot of dancing in it, to which he responded 'Is it something like Highschool Musical??'My I'm getting old ;)

After all of the festivities Steven headed home and I got Alex ready for bed. I was just about to stitch again when mom arrived home, we talked for a bit and then watched Survivor/CSI, neither of which I've watched lately. I almost finished one of the ornaments I was working on (still trying to come up with a sub for GAST Buttercrunch) and prepped the fabric to stitch the second one :) Matt called from the camp and they sounded like they were having a really good time, at least from the bits and pieces I could hear where the cellphone was breaking up.

This morning Alex was anxiously pacing waiting for mom and Jazz to get up, he never usually jumps up when his alarm goes off. We said our goodbyes and headed to work and school. I received a picture of Matt's moose at noon, it looks like we'll have LOTS of meat ;)

This weekend is low on the planned scale, I'm going to pick up some of our no name stuff and a birthday gift for the party Alex got invited to this weekend (hooray...not) on my way past the superstore and head home. Either my lack of sleep every night but last or the cold I'm coming down with have zapped my energy (and who knows, there maybe an attractive male waiting at home ;)). I think most of this weekend will be revolving around doing the actual finishing on some projects. I have three that need to be laced and two ornaments I'd like to start making into ravioli pillows. I suspect lots of time will be spent in the craft room :)

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Barbara said...

So, how did the weekend finishing go?? ;)