Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adios Ants!

Well, our squatters were kicked to the curb last night ;)

This spring we had some ants sneak their way into the house and when we did everything to kill the ones outside and I mean everything (and suceeded), we'd still spot one or two in our kitchen here and there. Well...last night I couldn't find the rice and went hunting under our poorly laid out cupboard which never got 'organized' when we moved into the house. Well I found where the buggers had been living, in a bag of icing sugar that got pushed way to the back corner from neglect after we started eating healthy. Usually sugar is kept in big tupperware containers but somehow this missed getting put in. I swear, if the bag had been flat it would have looked like an ant farm. I was soo grossed out. It was triple bagged and put in the dumpster! The cupboards are sooo my next project after the craft room!

Does anyone have any awesome chicken noodle soup recipes?? Alex comes home everyday and raves about this girl in his class's father's soup (I do hope the poor dear is getting something to eat herself). I can't have some 'dude' making better food than me now can I??? ;)

Yay, I finally got to stitch at lunch!! One of my Mill Hill Santa's is parked at my desk. I was beginning to feel like I'd never get to stitch again! *ok a little too overdramatic there ;)* I'll lose Thursday's lunch though, I need to renew my stupid drivers license. Happy birthday...give us 60 dollars >:( At least I confirmed that there is in deed childminding at the gym tonight so I can go to Jam! Already the pants are starting to feel looser :) It's amazing what 3 lbs either way can do to your mindset!


Barbara said...

Oh, I love homemade chicken soup. I make mine with a full chicken, and cook it down slowly. Max, my oldest, loves it and says it's WAAAYYY better than the chicken soup his best friend's mom makes. Does wonders for making me feel like a Good Mom. ;)

Faith Ann said...

Congrats on:

a) finding the ant source (woo hoo!)

b) losing 3 lbs (WOO HOO!!)

Maybe it's Campbell's Chicken Soup LOL.

Barb said...

Fall is the season for soups! And homemade soups are the best. I love home made chicken noodle soup. I'll have to look in my recipes to find a good recipe for you. If I find one I'll e mail you through Cyberstitchers.