Monday, September 11, 2006

Ok, Where'd My Weekend Go?

Can I have another weekend please?? Oh it doesn't feel like we had one at all! Friday I skipped class after work as I was zonked+++ Also during the day our new couch and chair arrived, hooray!! However assumptions, screwed us over and we were stuck trying to find someone to take our old set. Thank goodness for Fredericton Freecyle and Fredericton Freetrade!! I briefly went home at lunch to see if we could fit the couch in the van to take to goodwill and when it didn't I posted it, and had a whopping 20 some inquiries by the time I got home AND it was out of the house by the time I got back from my hair apt Saturday morning.

I took about every non cleaning second this weekend trying to sneak some stitches in on 'mystery project'. It should be done in the next two days, I can't wait!!! (well with the exception of the accessory pack that needs to be added). Well, we now have one clean house so I should have a bit more free time to stitch. Saturday I picked up a big rubbermaid tub and started 'seasonalizing' my closet so now that room is alot cleaner. And now with the non slip covered couch the living room's maintenance went down considerably! Now the main places that need improvement are the craft room , of which my objective is to spend 15 minutes a day in until it's ready to swap desks. My uncle left us a beautiful desk that we were using for the playroom tv and my old P120 computer that Alex uses but it wasn't big enough to accomodate both the monitor and the keyboard without looking at doing some modifications. I was sitting on the basement couch looking at it and thinking it would be great for stash storage but could imagine Matt's face when I stored cross stitch stuff OUT of the craft room. Did it ever occur to me to swap the computer desk I've been using as a sewing table for it?? d'uh!!!

Sunday we prepared to meet the BIL's fiancé from Switzerland, more cleaning ensued which left the Cote household pretty stuffed up after stirring up all that dust in the evening. We had no idea what time they were coming and the closer it got to pump I started getting anxious and asked Matt to call the BIL to see if they'd be at our house before 1:30, nope, plenty of time! So I packed up and headed down to the fairgrounds to pick up our prizes ;) I was kind of dreading going in as all week I'd been searching for my new Wilton caketaker and couldn't find it and the only place I would have left it was there on entry day...and I hadn't had a chance to put my name on it yet!! I asked if there was a lost in found which I was informed that I'd have to call today, and then said how I suspected I'd put my cake taker down when dealing with Alex and forgot it (I was in a rush) but that they knew about and had it set aside. I was sooooo relieved!

I now have Giggles in our room until he finds a permanent home in the house, and the hardanger wedding candle wrap is now cleaned (the stain less noticeable) and on display in the china cabinet. It's sad seeing the fair over BUT it does motivate one to get their handicrafts in displayable shape!! ;)

Oh...back to our future sister in law. She's very nice and petite+++ I suggested to Mathieu that we pick up some flowers seeing as it's the first time meeting her and they went over well...why don't men think like women ;) We headed down to the Diplomat for dinner which was nice, we were all royally stuffed by the time we left. We were zonked by the time we got home and went through the motions and were in bed at 10 on the dot ;) Now here's hoping for a more restful week!!


Faith Ann said...

You took the words right out of my mouth... what happened to my weekend?!

Glad you were able to get rid of the old furniture so quickly!

Shannon L. said...

Weekends are never long enough. Is it Friday yet ?

Did you get to enjoy sitting on the new furniture at all ? Doesn't sound like it !