Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catching Up

We had a wonderful weekend with mom, dad and my brothers. It helped brighten my spirits although I'm not going to kid myself and believe this isn't something I should talk to my doctor about. It was kind of bittersweet where it was the last full family get together for the next year and a half with Patrick heading off for his Cuso appointment in Bolivia and then his backpacking adventure. We headed to Kings Landing despite the rain and it was really neat. One of the big highlights for me was when we went to the 'general store' and over on one side of the room was antiques you could ask about and there was a china set that was identical to one of the teacups I'd brought home from Gram's and have on display. I was amazed when they said they were manufactured in Austria between 1880-90 to 1915. Alex was incredibly good throughout the trip, considering we were there in the rain for 4 hours! One Alexism that arose...he was walking ahead and slipped, apparently when mom asked him ok he said 'yes', then got his serious voice on 'well it was meant to be, it was to teach me that I shouldn't run when it's slippery out', apparently he went on and on about the consequence of his action and that he should learn from it ;) We had a wonderful dinner at MacGinnis Landing and Matt took me out to see Invincible where he couldn't find a sitter for my birthday. It wasn't cold out but I was sooo excited about my new wool coat I wore it to the show anyway ;)

Sunday we had a wonderful little brunch and then chatted for awhile before our company left. I was beginning to think Alex was going to leave with them. I spent the remainder of the afternoon catching up on Eureka and stitching. Well... I've learned Alex has quite the french vocabulary... I was running around the house doing some errands while the water was running for Alex's bath and he was undressing. One of my passes past the bathroom I see this little boy in the buff with his butt stuck out going 'derr-i-ere' *slaps butt* 'derr-i-ere'. I dropped the clothes I was laughing soo hard. I was really excited about Desperate Housewives and it didn't disappoint. I'd debated going to bed at 10 but it was soo worth staying up for.

Last night was hectic in preparation for our Epicure party. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be successful but it was great. We had the unit leader and she was just sooo much more informative than our original consultant. There was soo much to taste! One big hit that in the catalogue didn't look like much was the hot buttered rum, it was divine on popcorn!! I loved the maple whiskey dip and was so glad that I could get the chocolate for that at half off. I had a really good time. After we were done sampling I let the boys clean up, apparently my son LOVES to dip. He was very good throughout the party.

Tonight should be quiet, I'm going to do a little stitching and that's all that's on the schedule (besides running another load of dishes through the dishwasher). Matt leaves for hunting tomorrow, we'll definitely miss him!!


Shannon L. said...

Add another reason to move out east... Epicure parties at Katie's house ! lol Sounds very tastey :)

Faith Ann said...

I had a great time last night... so glad you hosted a party! I thought the consultant was excellent and knew so much about the products... I certainly learned more about the items that I bought last time too.

Mmmmm, enjoy the maple Belgian chocolate...

Barbara said...

Oh, your week sounds like so much fun!