Monday, September 18, 2006

Busy As A Bee

Ack...another relatively non stitchy weekend :(

Friday after Body Pump and all the usual mommy stuff I did get some stitching in my Summer's Magic Dragons. The sandcastle isn't a 'vast' feeling to stitch as I thought it would be. I know when I stitched my PM God Bless Our Home the castle felt like it took forever!

Saturday was Alex's first day at gym and swim, which from an adult point of view almost turned into a stitching session. The first person I saw was Nancy (who used to own a little LNS out by our house) and soon we were joined by Michelle. Alex loved the gym part, and one of the little boys from his class was there too! It was nice to see him forging some relations with a non possesive non girl for once ;) They played freeze tag and did an obstacle course, which he really liked. Only one small incident and that was when Alex's knoggin came in contact with a little boys mouth :( A complete freak accident but my heart sunk when I heard crying and recognized the little voice saying how sorry he was.

They didn't get much swimming in this session as they spent most of their half hour sorting the kids. There was one wickedly snotty couple in front of us that temporarily had me doubting our choice in swim programs, but really after having one of those step back moments to realize that Alex was having a blast and THAT is what was important I felt a bit better. As I was changing Alex I heard a familiar voice and saw Eleni and Callie about to get ready, she looked soooo cute in her little pink outfit (lord help any daughter we might have ;)) Then we went out to say hello to Jackson and saw Faith Ann and her DS getting ready :) It was a big stitchy reunion (and I did get a chance to work on my Summer's Magic while I was there ;))

Alex conned his way into dropping by market on the way to groceries, now I remember why we make it a point to go early!! It was insane. We grabbed our sausages (having to settle for honey garlic as the hot italians were going to be another 10 minutes...and it was too hot and packed to stay). He was very good while we got groceries...and we picked out his new snowsuit while we were there too. One less thing to worry about. We made a quick trip into Walmart to look for some more track pants for him and a new swim suit, the elastic in the waist of his must have dissintegrated as the poor boy kept having to haul them up. Scored a great deal on some loud hawaiin trunks but no luck on the track pants :( Lots of 4's and 6's, but no 5's. I picked up the last pair of 5's at the superstore too so that's out. I really don't like gym pants, especially the ones with the elastic bottoms so finding clothes for physed/gym and swim has been a challenge ;) As for the remainder of Saturday it was mostly spent resorting the craft room and mowing the front lawn!

Sunday I finally got to the point that I could swap the desks just before BodyJam. Jam was soo much fun and sooo many calories were burnt! I then stayed for Pump, ouch! A very good combination but my clothes reaked at the end and my calves were tender. I've been my own drill sargeant lately so does it come as any surprise that after waiting for Matt to help me move the desks for a half hour that I went ahead and did them myself?? My calves are thanking me for that now. I installed some new hardware on the desk and it looks great. Now to finish sorting all of the stuff into it ;)

Confession: Since the wedding I put several lbs back on, my regular gym drive only went about 5 times all summer and our travel schedule threw my classes out of whack. combine that with the loss of stress of having to fit into a dress and being too tired to cook healthy, things were a little more snug than usual. Well...after yesterday 3 of those lbs are gone, woo hoo! I've started paying attention to what we cook again, changed my work schedule so I leave early enough that I can do the gym and not get home any later than usual (so I only have myself to blame if I don't get there) and travelling has slowed down again :) Now back to onward and lighter ;)

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Faith Ann said...

Lucky you! A potential for stitching at the pool... don't think I'd get much done since I have to join DS in the pool LOL.

Good for you for getting back on the exercise/healthy meal plan wagon! It's easy to get a little slack over the summer... especially with everything that you've had going on!