Friday, September 08, 2006

Walking Zombie

Oh my, I'm truly exhausted. After having a rough night Wednesday, I got an e-mail mid Thursday afternoon saying that the lawn was going to be Ideally a lawn should be cut before it's sprayed and guess who's the only one home during daylight now?? Why do I bother keeping a calendar of events??????? To top it off I still had prep work to do for our guests that haven't given us a date or itinerary (ok normally I wouldn't be wondering but it's the BIL's fiance's first trip to Canada, maybe they want to try out the cool restaurants), and I had to clean up the living room for the anticipated arrival of the new couch and chair!! So it was close to bedtime before I relocated everything, scrubbed the floors, made the lunches, did another load of laundry, etc. Oh...and it was bath night for Alex last night as well...that and story time were about the only breaks for me :( On night's like that I know why some people hide out at their offices.

Am I anal retentive for asking for a bit of notice when people plan on visiting?? I mean there are some people I don't mind having impromptu visits from, my parents being one, and not because they're MY parents, they just don't complain or make comments about other people too ofen, so I know they're not talking about my cleaning/cooking and other people who have or are around children and can appreciate the absolute chaos (even when flyladying) that they can unleash. Alex picks up after himself, most of the time, but he can also roam around and get something out which you only find minutes before/after bedtime. No toys in the living room has helped this some...but every so often I get a shock when I haven't realized he's gone from playing in the playroom downstairs to his bedroom and vice versa. Then there's the food or drink spills... Juggling work, kid, schoolwork, fitness is alot of work, let alone throwing in being a half decent hostess.

What's worse?? My Drema package arrived last night and I had NO Time to fondle my new fibers...I hardly got to look at them, killer! The most I got to do was pick up the perle cotton I needed for 'secret project' so I could work on it at lunch. Tonight should be a bit quieter, I'm hoping...

Thanks for the comments on the Evening Dragon, he'll be available on the Dragon Dreams site around Christmas I believe or can be requested from any store that went to the Charlotte market (I believe Jen keeps a list on her site). He was so fun to stitch. I'm hoping Alex will like it and the planned Lost Dragon Sampler :)

Alex so far is loving French Immersion. He's actually found the transition from playtime unstructured kindergarten to sit down and learn grade one a very welcome change. He's like his mother and doesn't do well in unstructured/non scheduled situations :) Although at 3:30 yesterday I saw the phone number for the school come up and my heart just sank (after last year), but it was just the teacher offering advice on a form that I didn't bother to fill a section in (additional school bus stop) and saying how cute she thought Alex was. I guess she overheard him singing their au revoir song to himself at the end of the day and thought he was adorable :) What a relief.


Black Cat Ryan said...

Glad to hear that Alex is enjoying school so far.

Hopefully you can get some stitching in this weekend!

Shannon L. said...

Sounds to me like you need a restful weekend ! Good luck with the company - a wee bit of an idea when they'll be arriving would be nice.