Friday, September 15, 2006

Jazzy Wakeup Call

Holy smokes! Talk about a wake up!!! I head into work about a half hour early, which really isn't all that unreasonable considering the lack of free parking spaces and leave work early to beat rush hour traffic to head to the gym. I usually turn the lights on in our section I'm so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the building with my tea half asleep to a big crowd and some really kickin' music. Thankfully the Jazz and Blues Festival only runs a week or my system would be in total shock!!

~On The Stitch Side~

Now that the 'secret project' is complete and begging to have it's picture taken, I'm back on rotation. Right now I have one of Mill Hill's Santa's (Mandolin Santa to be precise) as my breaktime project at work, DD's Summer's Magic Tue-Sat and Mirabilia's Guardian Angel Sun-Mon. Summer's Magic is working up pretty quick which suits me just fine, although I don't think I'll be finishing them by the end of this 'summer'.

I've been putting my flylady 15 in still on the craft room It's actually looking worse than when I started, but now almost everything is sorted and ready be put in the closet or desk. I'm really hoping to get some lacing done on two pics this weekend. I finally ordered a frame for SB's Witches Moon this week. She patiently sat downstairs last year through Halloween but this year she demands to be on display ;)

~Back To School~

Tuesday we got to meet Alex's teacher who seems like a very sweet lady. I was pleased to see that his class is one of the ones fitted with the amplification systems so children in the back hear the teacher just as clearly as if they were in front...but Alex is in front anyway which I believe is the best place for him. I think I've figured out why the VP has such a problem with us, during her little speal before we actually got to see the teachers she started going on about this lecture coming to town on The Pampered Child Syndrome...So to attempt to smooth over this relation I requested the book that's a parenting resource. I think she sees Alex as her next rehabilitation project or something.

I'm hoping that there's one nugget of advice in it that the book that's useful, so far I really don't see how it pertains to us anymore...of course Alex isn't the same kid who'd come from a small daycare and had to adapt under the public school system's scrutiny to such big groups while dealing with issues such as marriage in the family, death in the family and a mom searching for second opinions during some breast cancer screening. How we parent has also changed in the last year, holidays are a big affair, but we no longer go overboard, he earns his book allowance by doing chores and he has responsibilities (not slave labor...putting his dishes in the dishwasher). The only thing I read last night was recognizing when they're trying to wear you down to get what they want. We started seeing this last year and now if he starts to ask again after we say "No" to something we ask him what No means.

~BB Reading~

Have you ever read a thread on a BB that just gets you going?? Yes the subject hit a little close to home, a babyshower for an unwed mother and yes the girl was 13 instead of 22 but still...
It really made me think of how we parent and what we would do. It doesn't fall in the clear cut, yep go ahead and send your kid to it category but trying to put a positive spin on the situation it's a great chance to talk to your kids and have them see first hand how unglorified parenting can be, no matter at what age. Some women replied that it wouldn't be very christian to let a teen attend, did they miss the part where Jesus lived amoungst sinners and invited them to his table?? In the case where your child is the attendee it also gives them a chance to be supportive in a time of their lives when they can be completely selfish (and I know ALL about being a selfish teen). Finally...I've checked the thesaurus and attendance does NOT equl condoning. Would I let my teen go to a friends funeral for driving drunk, yes, do I condone the circumstances that lead to it No? Why on earth be so judgemental on the other end of life's spectrum?

Phew...feel much better with that off my chest

~Weekend Plans~

Alex is VERY excited to start gym and swim, which is sooo much cheaper than the Beaver's program we registered him in on Wednesday. If one of the gentlemen I work with wasn't there and I didn't have him in tow I would have went home to reconsider! I'm hoping to get the lawn mowed (yes mine doesn't realize it's fall and it should stop growing) and the desks swapped between the play room and my craft room. I've cleaned up the desk we received from my uncle and yes...Mr Clean Magic Erasers can remove 10+ year old crayon marks without damaging the wood....I've also learned it takes those dreadful black scuff marks off of Alex's Little People too!! :)

Body Jam and Pump are on the schedule for Sunday. I've really missed my workout routine over August, my body definitely needs some work before our Dominican honeymoon in February!! Besides that and some more cleaning we should have a pretty peaceful weekend as next weekend should be wild and fun...I only turn 29 once right?? :) Then the next weekend Alex and I are on our own as Matt's going moose hunting, I'm kind of looking forward to some mommy son time :)

And in there I should have plenty of time to sit on the new couch and stitch, yippee!!

Have a great weekend!


Faith Ann said...

Glad that Alex seems to have a good teacher!

Those Magic Erasers are awesome! We've used them to get rid of some pretty tough marks. I had to buy the extra-strength ones for some of our problem areas and they are amazingly strong (as in, be careful of the paint on your walls or you might remove some of it).

Barb said...

Sounds like Alex is growing up. Glad he has a good teacher. I'm curious to see your secret project but have enjoyed your other stitching. Barb