Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NB Has Spoken!

Oh my...there was no stitching for me last night, I was just too wound up!! It was election night and I find that truly fascinating...yes I'm a very dull person. I had the opportunity to have the excitement of politics introduced in my elementary years when one of my classmates/friends father's threw his hat into the ring for premier and literally was one of the most influential atlantic canadian politicians of the twentieth century imo, needless to say when the stars aligned and he turned down the federal leadership it lead to some serious moping ;) Equally as riled up was DH who also has a political upbringing, and very proud of his grandfather's accomplishments as an MLA. Yes, we're both techie semi introverts but it's just so interesting...and we were pretty pleased with the results ;)

I talked to mom on the phone for a bit last night and did my flylady 15 on the craft room. I'd started the endeavor when it was looking like my brother wouldn't be visiting after all for my birthday, then came the very welcome announcement that he was coming back east so things have been in high gear ever since :)

I'm really looking forward to this weekend and a trip up to King's Landing. Tonight is fairly laid back looking so hopefully I'll be stitching. I have Jam at 5 but after that I'm as free as a bird (besides that 15 minutes of cleaning). Tomorrow is stitchy night and I can't wait! All of the fair entries should be there, along with some new finishes and most of the faces that were missing over the summer should be back. Hooray!

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