Monday, October 02, 2006

Not Quite the Finishing Weekend Planned

Well, so much for getting any finishing done this weekend. Well that's not entirely true, I did finish stitching a Christmas Gift and have another one 'done' until retreat which is my goal to go dmc free. I wasn't expecting Matt home so soon from hunting...or the birthday invitation Alex received for Sunday.

Saturday we ALL went to gym and swim and then headed up to walmart to pick up some jars (to can salsa) and a birthday gift. This took alot longer than expected due to the crazy sales going on there and the fact that the boys took me out to check out IPod shuffle stocks (sigh, no Shuffles in at the futureshop, I hate when they try to sell you something else because they don't have what you want in stock....I can wait them out ;)). I made lunch when we got home and then completely zonked out for 3 hours, some medication I'm taking either makes me drowsy or allows me to catch up on the sleep I've been missing for the last month. By the end of the day though I was able to cut some pieces of foam core that I need to do some framing. Somewhere in there I also finished the last Monica Ferris book in my stash, now I can finally get on to the two that Karoline lent me.

Sunday was hectic. There was salsa to be made, a tonne of laundry to go out on the line and then the birthday party. Oh my what a mess that was to get to. It was being held at a local park, normally not a problem...but the foodbank was holding it's family fun/fill a bus for thanksgiving drive at the park one block up and the Run for the Cure was bordering the park. Roads closed here, traffic jam there...after a long walk we finally arrived. Needless to say that by the time I got back to the car I just made it back from groceries in time to pick Alex up.

I'm sooo hoping to do some finishing this weekend, due to the holiday there's no swimming to go to, and all of the supplies for Thanksgiving were picked up in advance so there'll be no running to the store. :)


Faith Ann said...

So how did the salsa turn out? I want to grow tomatoes next year so that I can make some.

I didn't realize there was so much going on yesterday... we didn't leave the house (other than DH golfing for the 5th time in 8 days, but who's counting? LOL).

Barbara said...

It just gets busier and busier, doesn't it? Good luck with your finishing plans! :)