Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Two Down!

Wow, Alex had a busy day!! The poor little guy had a tonne of stuff to lug for his first day back (and it wasn't even ALL of his supplies). He really likes his new teacher and both girls that were a 'problem' last year are not in his class, yippee!! According to him there's only one other kid from his kindergarten class in the same homeroom. Then last night he had Matt extract his other loose tooth! This one wasn't as loose as the first but he gets very distracted by loose teeth and he's got enough on his plate entering immersion this year.

I headed to the gym after work for a much needed run. When I got home there was a lovely 'parcel' waiting for me, THANK YOU Faith Ann!! I can't wait for the weekend to try out the pumpkin waffles!! Thankfully there was no homework...yet... I put some chicken parmesan in the oven (Alex had a special request where it was his first day back to school) and puttered around the computer room and then hid out in the kitchen making as much noise as possible waiting for the 'extraction' to be over...that just grosses me out! After Alex was in bed I took one last night to veg with Eureka and finished the stitching (with the exception of 415) on the Evening Dragon and tried my hardest to get to bed by 10..but it ended up being more like 10:30.

Tonight?? Well, that's another story...we STILL don't know when Mathieu's brother and fiancée are visiting so we'll have to kick in clean up mode tonight. I'm hoping it'll only last until 9:00 but it's hard to guage, we also have to get the couch and chair ready to be moved out as the new furniture should be arriving next week (we have a big movie night planned for that event!!). So there'll be some scrubbing going on tonight!! I also need to get a storage tub sometime over the weekend to put my summer clothes in...although for now they'll go in the drawers in the computer room. Hopefully at 9 I'll get to stitch a little bit, after finishing the Evening Dragon I tried to move back to my rotation working on the Summer Dragons...I'm hooked and can't wait to get back to them tonight :) Thankfully supper is in the slowcooker so I can probably do some of the tidying with Alex, as he loves to be a big helper :)

In other stitching news the end is in sight for the 'super secret project'. All rows are either finished or substantially started (with the exception of a heart that needs to be frogged). Now if only my DMC perle would show up... I also finished Monica Ferris' Hanging By A Thread yesterday and started on Cutwork. I'm really hoping I can get Karoline's copy of Crewel Yule back to her in time for retreat (but I'm anal and have to read the books in order)....then it'll be on to Tracy's Laura Child's Scrapbook mysteries!!

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Faith Ann said...

Sounds like a good start for Alex's school year!

You're welcome... and I'll think of you when I'm trying to get kicked into clean-up mode for my company too. Ughhh... I'm not in the mood to clean, that's for sure.