Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Steven!!

Happy Birthday little brother! Last night we all went out to Boston Pizza (well with the exception of Matt and Dad who were prepping for the moose hunt) and it was bittersweet. We got to celebrate Steven's birthday and say bon voyage to Patrick who we won't see for at least a year. During this time Patrick reminded me of the story of 'my' reaction to my new little brother. I really wanted a sister, and came home from school to find my aunt there and no mom. My aunt was very excited to tell me I had a new little brother to which I promptly started jumping up and down, mad, saying I wanted a sister and ran to my room. He turned out alright though (after the initial disappointment, which I made up for by dressing him in little girl clothes when I had a chance). ;)

Alex was on much better behavior than this time last year and was colouring (what?? My son??) a picture for Steven's birthday asking for Steven's input on all of the colours. He even coloured in the lines!! My goodness, his new teacher must be like the Ann Sullivan for boys with social adjustment issues!!

After Alex was in bed, I chatted a wee bit with Matt online. I was so relieved to see he'd made it to the Miramichi. He wasn't coming through our city to get there, instead taking a glorified dirt road they like to call a highway which is infested with deer and moose, at dusk, which has no stores or anything for at least an hour, trees close to the road...a wife's worst nightmare! Just to save some time, argghh... Anyway, he arrived safe and sound and was getting ready for his 4 am wake up call (I'm curious to see how dad would get him out of bed at that hour)

***Update-just had a call from one very excited Matt and he got his bull***

In other news...Organic Veggies are expensive! 57+ dollars for two organic carrots expensive. I heard my security chimes go off a number of times and my computer booting up early this morning when Patrick was supposed to be getting ready for his flight back to Ottawa. So where I was awake I figured I'd go out and say goodbye one last time. Apparently Patrick had pulled two carrots from mom's garden to take back to Ottawa, and decided 4 in the morning was a good time to take the tops off (to take up less space in his carry on) and put them in the composter. When he came back he found the car locked and the keys inside... So...the two carrots cost 57$ to get the car unlocked (it wasn't my car and the spare is in in the woods) and goodness only knows what to send his luggage back to Ottawa. Ouch. Nothing like making a grand exit!

In stitching news I have a new happy dance which I'll share later. I dug out some murano and started two ornaments that are going to be gifts this Christmas. I'm still debating which one I'm going to do for Alex's teacher. What a relief this year is in that department. Last year Alex had two or three TA's in his kindergarten which put stitching something we went with chocolates. Stitching from stash and frigging with the sewing machine will definitely be funner than having to figure out something for that many people. :)


Barbara said...

Happy birthday to your little brother! I was not best pleased when my Mom presented me with a baby brother either, though he also turned out quite fine in the end. ;)

Shannon L. said...

ooo, those are expensive carrots ! lol I begged my parents for a younger sibling - but I wanted them to adopt so I could choose :) Instead they got me a cat... lol

Faith Ann said...

Glad I wasn't paying for those carrots!

Congrats to Matt on his moose!!

Faith Ann said...
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