Saturday, September 23, 2006

Twenty Nine

Wow, for a day of 'nothing' it sure ended up a busy birthday. I tried to sleep in but couldn't (more on that in another blog) so I went with Matt when he drove Alex to school. The principal was VERY upbeat when Alex walked out and Alex actually looked straight at him, pleasantly and said good morning to him (he used to slink by). The prinicipal then commented on how great he's been doing this year and that he's heard nothing but great things from the staff about him this year, I almost cried I was so happy. What a difference a change in curriculum, separating him from some kids that together are atomic, and a new teacher can make.

I met Eleni and Angela for lunch which was really nice. Since I've changed my hours at work I don't get to go out for lunch anymore (although that's a blessing on the pocketbook). I dropped off the bottles and headed home for 3 hours of stitching and Eureka. The boys took me out for dinner at Boston Pizza and we got the waiter that I filed a complaint about a couple months back, much more friendly this time!! There was a bit of a wait but still really good. I was stuffed by the time they brought my birthday brownie! The boys 'bought' me an IPOD shuffle for my birthday (hooray), I just have to go in when the new ones are released and decide if I like the new model or old one better. They gave me the option of upgrading to the Nano but do I really need a display, it's not like I can't organize my songs in Itunes and when I plan on using it (car, running) it's not like I'm searching around for a particular song. I received some beautiful cards from Tracy and Lisa which both touched different parts of my soul that needed a little 'up' yesterday, and lots of internet wishes on the stitching boards, e-mail and WoW boards :)

To be truthful I woke up crying yesterday, I found the whole 29 number hard to deal with. The closer I get to 30, the more I feel like I fail. Sometimes I just feel 'isolated' when it comes to our parenting. None of our friends had as short a period as we did being d.i.n.k's (dual income no kids), ours was in the negative. I sometimes feel like I'm not as good a mother as I can't afford to do all the great things that even I got to experience with my parents (who I firmly believe walk on water) and get frustrated at some of the debt accumulated when we do 'keep up'. Then I get mad at myself for not being grateful for what I do have, our health, a roof over our heads, two boys that love me very much, great friends and parents that love, support and help us so much I'd never be able to repay them. 2006 has been a very rough year to adjust to and getting closer to 30 it's just a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Now enough self pity! Anyone else have the new JCS ornament issue?? I've been staring at mine fondly ;) I can list off at least 20 projects I want to do, but I'm going to be a good girl and do it only from stash and actually learn to substitute ;) I need to locate my fuzzy stuff so I can finish my DD ornament. :)


Barbara said...

Hi Katie! Happy belated birthday!!

As for approaching 30, remember that it is just a number, nothing more. No one else is measuring you by it. My DH and I were older when we met, so although we had good careers, we are faced with the realization that when our kids hit college we will be nearing retirement. It's weird. You'll be very young and vital when your kids are young adults and they will really appreciate and enjoy that. The money isn't the real issue in the long run.

Faith Ann said...

I am glad you had a nice day after the emotional beginning. I have had a hard time with certain birthdays too, usually for some silly reason or another.

As for not feeling like a good mother... what are you saying?! You are a TERRIFIC mother! You provide Alex with more than a lot of parents ever think of attempting. The efforts you put into his activities, school and everything else would put most people to shame! He is never short on books or a parent to read to him and that is soooo valuable. You and Matt provide him with a wonderful environment to thrive and grow.

Most people have times when money is tighter for one reason or another... and you guys have had a pretty expensive year. Hopefully next year will be a lot easier. {{{hugs}}}

Shannon L. said...

Katie, I am glad you had a good birthday :) You deserve it !

As for 29... it was a very hard birthday for me. I'm not sure why. Turning 30 was much much easier. We all have those ages, I guess.

And while I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I'd say your son is obviously very well loved. You and your DH spend time with him, teach him things, etc. - and that is worth more than all the money in the world.

Here's hoping that this coming year is a less stressful, less financially draining one - for all of us :)