Friday, July 28, 2006

Catching Up

I'm back!! What a crazy week. Alex and I haven't been feeling too hot (well actually we have been too hot, maybe that was the problem). We were both pretty lethargic! To make matters worse I was finishing the ornament that I really wasn't all that motivated that it's finished I'm so relieved (I hate having half done pieces lying around).

We hadn't gotten much sleep due to some wicked thunderstorms, then the day after one of them Matt's computer (the alpha male computer) just stopped running. I tried powering it on for him and the light flicked once and nothing. It made for putting up with one grumpy boy!! I offered the use of my computer (his two year cast off) and he took me up on the offer...meaning no piccy posting last night for me :( He thought his power supply might be fried. I thought just the way the thing half powered on and died was weird and turns out my conclusion that the on/off button had issues was the correct diagnosis...yay, we can return the additional power supply!! However that does not bode well for work that'll need to be done to replace it...and the fact that I have the same case and notice my button isn't always 100%.

Wednesday was just frustrating. I hate being the 'mean mom'. DH and DS called up north to tell the other GP's about him losing his first tooth, then they 'offered' to pick DS up at DH's work and take him up to their place for the day to which I said no. That would mean 5 hours in the car for Alex and that's just mean, besides which the round trip that they'd be pulling is the same length of time to our house which they refuse to visit. So yet again, I...the one who's been bending over backwards for these people am made out to look like the bad guy for not wanting to subject my poor little 6 year old to all that driving, and to the care of people that are not overly involved in his life, anytime we go up. The only time he sees them is when we have the time/energy/money to go up there and the majority of that time is spent at/preparing some sort of big family event so Alex's one on one time is limited. Matt's like "well wouldn't a day off be nice?", wait...I still have to go to work, he's at a daycare he adores anyway throughout the day, I still come home to the same work load of house stuff and still have to cook supper, plus he'd be arriving home with a very cranky kid who's been cooped up in a car WAY too long. No thanks. We'll readily accept applications for housecleaning, taxiing and laudry though ;)

From that conversation though we did get some semi exciting news, Matt's brother bought a ring for his trip over to Switzerland. He apparently met the love of his life while vacationing in Cuba, headed over to see her again shortly after our wedding, they've had some sort of e-mail/phone thing going on and I guess there's no doubt in his mind on what he wants to do, so we've kept our over cautious mouths shut (we waited over 7 years to get we're on the other extreme ;)). So I may just have another sister in law, we'll have to wait until he arrives back in the country to hear in two weeks...although I'd still prefer if one of those brother's of mine would settle down...I swear I'm going to be a grandmother before I have any nieces or nephews!

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Shannon L. said...

I hope you have a good (and cool !) weekend :) Sounds like it's been a busy week.