Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Best of Intentions

Last night I had alot of intentions, I intended on taking some pictures of the finished ornaments..I'd intended to go stitch with the girl's, but with a head cold that's been draining I decided reluctantly to 'save my spoons' and listened to mom's advice and 'went to my room'...well it wasn't really my room, it was the couch and I dozed in and out of Doogal last night. The sniffles and sneezes are interrrupting my sleep though...or maybe it was just the anticipation of Matt's interview today.

I was a little more mobile after 9 and I stitched some on Little By Little's Don't Peek (JCS ornament issue), which I started 2 years ago and my tastes have changed quite a bit so I find it a bit of a struggle to stay motivated on doing it, but it seems a shame to just leave it where it's half done.

This weekend is another 'non travelling' weekend and besides a hair appointment and pump I don't really have any reason to leave the house (unless we decide to take Alex to Woolastock to the water slides) so my idea of relaxing this weekend would include

  • Finishing one CC Holiday Mitten

  • Ornamentifying NN's Holiday Hardanger and The Sweetheart Tree's Merry Christmas bellpull

  • Ornamentifying at least one of Paw Prints Penguin Hugs, Dragon Dreams Peace, Dragon Dreams Not A Creature Was Stirring, Lizzie Kate's Holiday Mitten, Sampler's and Such's The Holly and The Ivy or Winter Wheat...I'm leaning towards Not A Creature Was Stirring though ;)


Faith Ann said...

Gosh, I hope you get rid of this cold soon... summer colds are icky!

We'll be taking in some of the highland games festivities this weekend (I expect, if the weather holds). DS loves bagpipe music :)

Fingers still crossed for Matt.

Shannon L. said...

Relaxing ? That's an ambitious "relaxation plan" LOL !

I hope you're feeling better soon. And I've been thinking good thoughts for Matt !