Friday, July 21, 2006

Baby Crocs

Yesterday my gym buddy decided she was going shopping instead of to the gym so I decided to get Alex a pair of Crocs halfway through the lunch hour. His sandals are on borderline need of replacement and the crocs he can wear into the fall so I invested in those instead (and skipped trying to find sandals his size so late in the shopping season). I'm just about to turn where the kids rack was and I was shocked to see Matt's cousin Alison there (they live somewhere near Poole Ontario...I can't remember exactly where their new house is). What are the chances?? Anyway I had a good chat with her and depending on their schedule they were thinking of dropping by in the evening.

So after work I picked Alex up in a hurry. I honestly didn't think they'd be able to make it, they're on a whirlwind trip around the maritimes and I'm guessing the grandparents were pretty lonesome for their two children but I cleaned JUST in case. Alex was content with a homemade pizza for supper and then we drove over to the soccer field...which we normally don't do but I wanted to be able to drive back quickly incase we had company. The bonus to this was I got to bring my comfy lawn chair instead of my fold out one and got to stitch through practice. The end is finally in site for my Angel Stitchin' Joy ornament, which for some reason I started back when the ornie issue came out in 2003 but never got past the chickadee.

We returned home and still no company, but I was quite happy vegging with a clean house. I went downstairs and stuffed and finished the ho ho ho box only to find my Kreinik ribbon was 1/16" instead of 1/8" so it'll have to wait until the moncton trip to be Tree ready ;)

Today, it's raining and the weekend isn't looking too promising (possibly the tail end of a hurricane)...cancelling our trip to Oromocto lake but after two weekends of travelling it's a welcome break...May actually get to see Monster House with Alex too ;) I'm hoping to finish putting furniture in it's places this weekend where we'll be home, although it'll depend on Matt's preparation schedule for his 'meeting' on Tuesday. Wish him luck ;)

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Faith Ann said...

My fingers *and* toes are crossed for Matt's meeting on Tuesday.

Hopefully you'll get to a movie this weekend... then we'll both get to enjoy some popcorn! (with the stupid fake butter LOL)