Thursday, July 13, 2006

Got Racoon?

First of all, thanks for the compliments on the nordic needle ornament :) I don't know what it is lately but ornaments are very appealing.

Barbara - You could definitely come over and play, we just need to figure out a much more efficient and cheaper system of transportation over to NB :)

Shannon actually does go to the stitching shop for me. Right now we're without one where I live and he happens to do some work/meetings from time to time where the best stitching shop in Atlantic Canada is. A couple of years ago the girls from the shop dropped by my spot at retreat to tell me how much they enjoy his visits (I guess he hams up his lack of stitching knowledge ;)) What a saint ;)

Last night was busy++ Matt was late picking me up which was NOT a good start to the evening, especially since he was borrowing MY vehicle to fix the lawn mower. Then he took to most illogical, traffic ridden, km's of back tracking route to pick up Alex (I'm a 'I drive a V6, therefore every single traffic route is memorized based on a magical formula of km's, traffic lights, traffic patterns, speed and right turns to get the most of my gas', he's a 4 cylinder standard 'I'm not in a hurry so why bother' person...therefore I hate it when he drives my vehicle). After picking up Alex and him starting to head North when the house is SOUTH I asked him where on earth he was going he pulled over the vehicle and let me drive. After we got home and returned Honda's call (we drove past the dealership but did someone want to stop???) I got the burgers on for supper and then packed up Alex to take him to the summer reading program (in the most fuel efficient manner possible I might add). Thankfully my stitching was still in the car so I worked on my HoHoHo box while they read their stories.

After our trip to the library Alex and I headed to the Coop to check their supply of Holey Soles, as the store carry Crocs downtown only had girly colours (for Alex) and no mediums for luck there either. So then we headed to Walmart to pick up my test set of wedding pics which I'm VERY happy with. I was worried when the ones we got back from the superstore were all over processed. We went in to have a peek at what they were clearing out in the garden center and somehow a hose reel like Matt has wanted was there (wasnt' there the other week when we actually had the gift cards on us). I picked that up, hooray! Next trip in I'll be getting some new light fixtures for our entry way and hall, double woo hoo!

I finished the stitching on my hohoho boxes after Alex went to bed, now to do the backstitching border, lettering and then assemble. It was muggy but I felt soo much better after a nice shower and went to bed. This morning I looked out and my hummingbird feeder was empty and covered in mud. It's been emptying alot faster and originally I thought it might be my neighbors brat messing with it as one of the yellow flowers was off it...and on the steps. I doubt any little hummingbird could do that. Well after some internet research I see it is quite possible that it wasn't the neighbors beast but a to find a new place to hang it that I can actually still watch the birds! Anyone want a racoon??

Today mom's coming over for a visit and do some paper work for the sale of the house :( (well :( to the sale of the house, not to having a visitor, that's a :)++). Alex was sooo excited to hear we'd have a house guest!

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