Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Embracing My Inner Geek

I'm back!!! The highlight of the weekend, seeing Superman Returns, woo hoo!! I have always loved the story of Superman, and watch Smallville religiously as it's the back story I'm most interested in and the movie touched on my favorite parts of the story. The trailer had me embarassingly choked up with the archived Jor-El speech, so for anyone that's seen it they can just imagine how I was throughout the movie ;) I was totally embracing my inner geek ;) The theatre we went to is one of the last in the area which still has real butter instead of that goodness aweful butter flavored oil crap, so we could almost look over the fact that they wouldn't let Matt switch the medium pop for a medium slushy which is the same price, weird...

Alex got a slip and slide this weekend as well. It took about a day for him to figure out how to actually use it, not sliding on his knees and not climbing across it combat style. I took some pics which I'll post later, and spare you those of me in a bathing suit giving directions ;)

I did get some stitching in this weekend, I didn't bring Guardian Angel along as I knew I was in for some sporadic stitching so I brought my CC Mitten, but realized when packing that I didn't kit up the Kreinik and mill hill that I needed. So I brought along my Sampler's and Such The Holly and The Ivy from the 2002 JCS. I had a severe attack of the frogs, sigh, but now all of the outlining is done (it's a stained glass ornament), the berries stitched in and the holly leaves, now to wait for my SBB order so my WDW Ivy can come in and I can finish that part (and the mittens).

Last night we had a wicked thunder and lightening storm. It made the trip to the car a bit scary being able to see it come up the river (the car is a block and a half away from the office). Although by the time we left Tracy's it was cleared up enough that I put our 'family movie' night back on the schedule. Alex picked out Sky High, which Matt and I were just dreading watching...but I don't know who enjoyed it more, Alex or us ;) Matt was completely sold after he found out Bruce Campbell was in it ;) I started up another ornament I'd had kitted for awhile but never stitched (well I did start but had to toss the first after making a counting/cutting error) Nordic Needle's holiday Hardanger Ornament from the 2004 JCS. It feels so good to use up some of the kitted projects!! One of these days I'm going to actually physically kit up the materials (right now they're not really set aside for a project, just on their brand ring or in the floss or fabric box) so I can just grab and go.

In other news, Matt was successfully drawn for his moose license. He'll definitely enjoy himself. Now to figure out what I'm going to do where Alex and I'll have the weekend to ourselves ;)


Barbara said...

Oh, I can't wait to see progress pics of your recent stitching, or of the kids playing!

Shannon L. said...

Oh ! He got a moose license ? :D

Can't wait to see that mitten done. I'm so impressed you're tackling it. Sounds like a good weekend !