Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Thunder Rolls

Holy smokes, we had one wild thunderstorm last night!!! Of course the lightening started AFTER I was soundly asleep (I love to watch it). I woke up at three ready to growl at poor Matt for inconsiderately turning the hall light on when I realized that it was awefully loud and I was facing the exterior wall, it's hard to believe lightening could brighten the room more than our two lamps ever do!!...It was so close too. For awhile I could barely count between lightening and thunder. I had a hard time getting back to sleep, more so than usual as I had tornados on the brain. I still can't believe we had a confirmed F1 in the province.

Last evening was quiet. Alex and I made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some ground beef that was on sale, on our way there we passed the baby section. Alex took one look and turned to me with the most serious expression "when you get me a baby brother and sister you're going to have to start buying those *diapers* you know...and you're going to have to buy a potty". Guess I know where his baby priorities are...waste management ;)

I wasn't feeling too hot so I lounged around, made a crab quiche for Matt and roasted some pork souvlaki for Alex and sat down at the pc and looked up the Calico Crossroads Holly Mittens which are the next ornament I want to do...the one I searched high and low for a skein of perle cotton for the other night before soccer. Well...while I was on the internet, I read something that I can't believe I forgot! There's an error in that JCS, it's not perle 5 I needed (which I was thinking would be REALLY bulky), it was perle in a flash I was down stairs and in the drawer where my perle cotton balls hang out and voila, there it no dragon or guardian angel progress (although I did finish the white part of her wing at lunch), it was on to the mittens. I've seen the set done once before and thought they were gorgeous and then a single mitten (without the crystal charms) was on the retreat exchange tree last year and I figured if two people could follow the instructions and finish it so could I ;) I'm getting really excited to put up the tree this year ;)


Angela said...

Oooo ... I can't wait to see your mittens all done. I have the stuff for mine waiting their turn - I'd love to see them in person before I start ;) They look kind of difficult. At least I know who to go to with questions!

Barbara said...

I bet that storm was amazing!

Faith Ann said...

I usually sleep through thunder storms but I definitely woke up for that one!

Hope you are feeling better... I know quite a few people who have a summer cold right now and they are not fun!!

Shannon L. said...

I can't wait to see your mittens. That is one I'd just love to try - never been brave enough thought LOL