Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Sunny Soccer Day

Sigh...the mower still won't start consistently, what frustration when you were hoping to have your lawn mowed before you go away. Yes, you read it right, a trip this weekend. We'll be heading up north for a brief visit to Grand Falls to visit the inlaws. Although before we leave the mower is going to go back to the shop and there'll be a whole lotta complaining going on, what horrible service.

Anyway, last night after the lawn fiasco and making a pizza, Alex loaded up his wagon and we headed to the soccer field. I brought my mittens along to stitch on but I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted, there was alot going on conversation wise. First off Alex saw his classmate that lost her brother last month and went over to talk to her before practice...I was sitting on pins and needles hoping he wouldn't make one of his '6 year old that's still getting ahold of the whole concept of death' comments. Then the family beside me started talking about french immersion and I started to feel a little better on my compromise between school location and the program. Then another mother was going around dropping the 'I'll have to look into other sports for my son where he can't play hockey next year' line an aweful lot.. We're personally against raising out taxes for another community's hockey rink program that we had no input in and have no intention of ever using.

As for tonight after pump I'm hoping to finish one mitten and see how finishing goes before I start the other...there's going to be a solo mitten for awhile ;) I'm hoping to pull out the dragons tonight but if not I'm sure I'll be doing some work on them tomorrow at some point...I'm hoping the Sunday portion of the visit is fairly quiet so I can work on my Guardian Angel. Who knows ??? Just expect a frazzled 'just had a whirlwind weekend' post Monday ;)


Faith Ann said...

I hope you get your lawn mower fixed soon... you couldn't go without one for very long with the lawn you have!

Hope you have a nice time this weekend :)

Shannon L. said...

Hope you get the mower fixed. Ours is on the fritz - I'm sure it's hidden in the hay...err grass we call a lawn somewhere.

Enjoy your weekend. Can't wait to hear how the mitten goes !

Barbara said...

I hope your weekend isn't too frazzled!