Monday, July 24, 2006

Mini Monday Milestones

Oh my! I came home from a Body Pump, Body Jam and grocery run to Alex with a big closed mouth smile on his face...which made me suspect as to what the boys were up to while I was gone. Sure enough when he smiled again I noticed the gap where his baby tooth had been loose...I can't believe he lost his first tooth (and am so glad I wasn't there for it, it makes me squeamish!!). Sunday was busy. Some of the girls at the gym were doing there certication videos this weekends for Body Jam, the new Les Mills program to be offered at the gym. I got an exclusive invite to Friday's but couldn't juggle Alex as the child minding is on summer hours. So Sunday I wasn't surprised that I was approached again about sticking around for another certification video. I, myself have veen interested in getting certified to teach and where it was the regional coordinator doing her video I thought it would be prudent to stay (and I was really curious about what the new class was about). Well, after shimmying and shaking for an hour I was in love...and had a couple new dance moves too boot ;) But let me tell you...between that and a new Body Pump release I'm pretty darn stiff today.

Saturday we didn't end up going to the lake. Matt's on a boycott of all extra activities associated with his work. Apparently he asked descretely for a reference...which didn't end up being discrete and going all the way up the directoral chain and HR stating that it is against company policy to give references. What a load of crap, that's a great way to keep your project managers, literally trapping them. Anyway, this has Matt stressed out about his interview with the department of education tomorrow *fingers crossed*. It would be so nice to have him working in the same town...let alone on the same street. Not that he isn't overqualified for the position, but the fact that it's a bilingual position is definitely helping his chances. So while Matt spent the day brushing up his ASP knowledge I put the finishing touches on Angel Stitchin's Christmas Joy and Paw Prints Penguin Hugs, laced and framed by Dragon Dreams Imagination Creation and ironed some ornaments to prep for a finishing frenzy this coming weekend. It was pretty muggy so Alex and I headed to the movies to see Monster House (and gave Matt some quiet studying time). It was a pretty good movie. After Alex and I picked up some wedding pics I'd ordered in the morning and some light fixtures to replace our living room entryway and hall lights and ran into an old friend from highschool on the way out of walmart. Why oh why is it that when I finally run into someone I haven't seen in years do I never think to exchange contact info??

Today I'm feeling pretty rotten...I either have an allergy or some sort of cold. I've got the itchy watery eyes and have been sneezing for the last 12 hours...on top of getting little sleep as Matt's pager went off at 4...then he didn't remember to turn his alarm off...then when I finally got back to sleep he showed up to turn it off (already done) and woke me up again...not a good start to the day. If we didn't have a self imposed deadline of Friday for this build's reporting I seriously would have taken a sick day today...which I may still do at lunch if I wrap up.

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Faith Ann said...

I'm assuming you had a stitched toothfairy pillow just waiting for the occasion?