Tuesday, July 18, 2006

She's Back!

Yay, I'm back after a brief hiatus!! So what have I been up to??

Thursday: Mom came for a visit and we went over to the Gram's house for the last time :( Then we cheered ourselves up and went to The Devil Wears Prada which I really enjoyed++ I felt like channelling Meryl Streep's Miranda when dealing with the local Honda's small engine department. Week two of no mower and after a promise to have it up and running after a carburetor repair, which they missed in the summer tune up, the _________ hit the fan when they called back the next day and wanted another 100$ for an electrical component. After a 'Do or Darwin' argument with the service manager about how it wasn't a blank cheque for service we started dealing with the manager and they finally checked over the entire beast...with the component arriving tomorrow and being installed for free after this fiasco...myself (the lawn mower in the family) would have opted for a new push mower at CT but the other half is still holding out hope for the self propelled...arghhh...

Friday: I met mom for a wonderful lunch at McGinnis, I love going and splitting an order of nachos. There were a number of calls back and forth as Honda was supposed to put in a used component to get the mower running for the weekend but it blew too (I have a really strong feeling that it's not fixable), so instead of meeting mom and Steven at my house when I was to drop the mower off (I love having a van but hate being the 'delivery' person all the time) we met at Tracy's and started our Caravan to the Miramichi. Dad was out waiting on the deck when we pulled in and Alex pretty much flew out of the van and within the next 15 minutes I found myself at the beach. We relaxed/chatted stitched until about midnight, very nice

Saturday: Omigosh I slept in!! That was soo nice. Mom had some eggs and bacon on too, I'm not used to being spoiled ;) After lunch we got ready for a trip to the pool after mom went to work. Alex loved splashing around but should have had his supersuit on where we haven't had much of an opportunity to go to the pool lately (a session with that seems to reboost his confidence level). After a good hour and a half swim we headed home and vegged, me plugging away at the ornaments that had been awaiting dad's supply run to Moncton and the boys were playing Luxor. For supper we headed out to Estey's for some fish and chips, yum. I wasn't able to get tickets to the Irish Festival (which wasn't that big a disappointment, I really was more in the mood to visit after not being home for a visit since Christmas besides a brief stay over for Lisa's wedding) so dad and I rented The Legend of Zorro. It was an enjoyable rental, but I'm glad I didn't have to add babysitting and concessions on to see it! It was during Zorro that I finished the ornament

Sunday: Lazy day, I slept in big time, unintentionally, especially considering I'd been in bed by midnight. We planned on going to the pool after a lunch at Boston Pizza but it started to thunder in the distance so the boys decided to play on the beach and I decided to check out the clearance sales for clothes for our February trip to the Dominican. I bought my FIRST BIKINI!!! I'm no Cindy Crawford in it but it looks pretty good :) It'll be much better when I'm back to my normal routine at the gym which has been in a flux with summer vacations and reduced class times. Sadly enough the time came to leave. Alex wanted to stay there until I came back in 3 weeks to pick him up! I don't think he realizes how hard it is for me to leave too ;) We lucked out when gassing up a) there was a 'gas war'...which is odd considering the province is supposed to be regulated...and b) the guy ahead of me paid the wrong pump, mine and his bill was 10$ less, woo hoo. We dropped Steven off and proceeded home to unpack.

Monday: Muggy Muggy Muggy!! I only went for a 40 minute walk at lunch and felt gross! I picked up the groceries and a bunch of supplies for our trip to Oromocto lake Saturday. I didn't realize Matt had the windows still open when he left so the house was muggy :( I prepped the maple pork and sweet potato fries and then setup the rec room for dinner and a movie (Alex found our old VHS copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when we were at mom and dads) By the time the movie was done it had cooled down enough downstairs to be comfortable in front of a fan. By the time I went to bed I had more HoHoHo's stitched in on my box (that part is a pain) and I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to do the sewing tonight.

Tuesday: Yay, all caught up. There's nothing like a HUGE protest to wake you up in the morning. Good for them! I'm 100% behind their cause, and even if I wasn't there is absolutely no way such a 'business' should be allowed to set up shop in a public school's back yard. Tonight on the agenda?? Hopefully a run at the gym either at lunch and if not, after work (Matt's in town for bloodwork), then it'll be arriving home to dinner in the slow cooker, some time with the boys, followed by some stitching, woo hoo!!


Shannon L. said...

Wow, what a weekend ! And a bikini ? Woohoo !!!! :D

Barbara said...

Glad you had a wonderful and relaxing visit with your parents. I'm looking forward to getting a bit spoiled by my mom, too. :)

Faith Ann said...

A bikini?!?! AWESOME!!

Sounds like some busy, fun-filled days (except the lawnmower part).

Can I come stay at your house for the next couple of nights so I can stitch too? and ignore my work at home? please? LOL

tkdchick said...

That sounds like a lovely break!