Monday, January 29, 2007

Six Weird Things

I've been tagged by Carolyn :)

Six weird things that you didn't know about me...
1. I sleep with a fan on, even in the dead of winter
2. Apparently my husband thinks it's scandelous that I can't name a single song that was put out by Pink Floyd. If he could read this he'd be proud that I didn't had 'some group' in front of PF.
3. The subject of teeth completely grosses me out. I have to send Alex to his father to have his mouth checked when he claims he has loose teeth. YUCK
4. I generally do not eat vegetables that start with C - carrots, corn, cauliflower, celery unless they're hidden in a casserole
5. I hate it when my food touches, especially when food has an 'over contact' period with a condiment. Fries must be dipped, NO condiments on my burger as it makes the bun soggy, cranberry sauce should NOT contact the name it ;)


Pumpkin said...

Most of those I already knew. You're holding back on the really weird stuff aren't you? ;o)

Faith Ann said...

Isn't it funny that all of the "c" vegetables can be eaten if they're in an item that starts with the letter "C"? ;)

I couldn't name a single PF song either.

Christine said...

Hey, you listed only 5 things, not 6!! :-P