Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Tuesday was Alex's first day back at school and my goodness, his book bag was full of goodies. One little girl made him up a gift bag with a decorated candy cane AND a 5$ book of Tim Horton's money and she's not even in his class, strange. I double checked the tag and it said Alex on it, guess he has a new admirer. There were also Christmas cards and a little pack of snowman soup from his teacher in his bookbag, impressive.

I worked on my stocking after Alex went to bed, he was quite zonked after a hard days work, and getting used to sleeping in. We're quite fortunate, he's very good at playing by himself and grabbing cheerios or a nutrigrain instead of getting us up (not that we ask or expect him to). It's coming along quite nicely, if only I could locate the perle cottons that came in during the Christmas rush :(

Wednesday was my first trip back to Newbody in AGES. The fall was just too hectic. It was nice to be back though. Very crowded but nice. The new instructor was fabulous, however one attendee that grates at every single ounce of my moral fibre showed up beside me. I really need to find a t-shirt that might make her clue in that she should find another spot. I'm sure she's a very nice woman, I just can't get over what she does for a living and although it sounds junior high 'ish, I just want MY space. The evening went by in a blur between beavers, a little stitching and a little computer and it was bedtime for me. We also got a notice that there's a beaver's sleep over next week, one of us won't be getting much sleep next Friday night.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to snag some progress pics tonight ;)


Shannon L. said...

I'm so impressed - stitching the stocking already :)

Alex is just a little heartbreaker isn't he ? LOL

Faith Ann said...

Wow... Alex did get a lot of goodies, didn't he? That was nice!

Anxiously awaiting a progress pic of the stocking...

Pumpkin said...

That boy sure is a girl magnet!!!!

So, what does that woman do for a living???? ;o)