Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm A Student

Not! But someone thought I looked young enough to be one today :) Where I'm turning 30 this year I had perma-grin after that. Mind you I'd just come from a two hour workout at the gym and was still in my yoga pants with my Roots backpack slung over my shoulder and white Columbia coat on instead of my nice black wool one but still, I don't feel like I look young enough for that ;) I should have picked the couple things I wanted up before class but was running a little behind and when I got back I think half the university students arrived back in town and had literally taken over the Superstore! I've never seen so many carts of Kraft Dinner and toilet paper EVER!

We had a fairly quiet weekend. One can't do much when they're tied up taking all of the Christmas decorations down. The last note of business is disassembling the mini tree which may or may not get done tonight. I did start reading The Nanny Diaries this weekend where I couldn't locate the book I had been reading and I did a little stitching on Teri's stocking (for me!!!). I can't wait to start back on the rotation this week. This weekend was off the rotation until the decorations came down as that's a major undertaking. It's amazing how much more room we have!!

Friday I had a really good mail day, something few and far between since I started the 50 project challenge. My fabric arrived for the Marbek Nativity AND my fabric for Alex's stocking and perle cotton's for my stocking arrived. I was a good girl and waited on ordering the charm packs until they're actually ready to have them attached. Alex also decided on what stocking he wanted. I was hoping he'd choose either Harry or Reed's which he did, Harry's. I was kind of looking forward to getting to use the hand dyed perle's again but when I saw how little checkering was in Harry's I was pretty excited. I also held off telling him until after he decided that Faith Ann's little guy also had Harry. Alex was pretty excited when he heard that they were both the same but I'm glad he made his own decision first :)

Tonight we're going to have a little date night at home, Smallville is unfortunately a rerun on ASN (why can't we have the CW so I can watch the new one) and Desperate Housewives is on later than I usually stay up so that's not in the way of renting a movie for 8 pm :) Movie and stitching, woot!! :)


Faith Ann said...

Oooh.. I forgot all about your Marbek Nativity fabric... that's great! My final order of 2006 arrived on Friday too :) (Of course, mine was just a couple of snapperland charts...nothing as exciting as fabric!!)

Pumpkin said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the fabric for the Marbek piece!

PLEASE tell me Desperate Housewives was a rerun last night! I forgot to look :o(

Barbara said...

Wow, it has been a long sad time since I was mistaken for a student. Enjoy it!!!