Sunday, January 14, 2007

On The Soapbox

*Highly opinionated, slightly religiously tied entry. If this isn't for you visit back in the afternoon for a stitching update*

I've had a number of questions on what this woman that ticks me off so badly does for a living. So, I'm answering it and giving my reasons. Normally, I'm not a judgemental person and am ok with people not sharing my opinion on any matter. I love God, but have friends that are atheists, buddists, agnostic, and probably others (no scientologists yet :P). Freedom of speech is a privelege most countries don't have and we're very fortunate in Canada to be able to express our opinions. I don't (or try not to) judge people on their opinions or what they have done, it's what they continue to do that irks me.

So back to the woman I cannot stand, her occupation: 'clinic' worker.

I have a 6 year old son and got married when he was 5 so obviously their 'services' aren't for me. But here is the foundation of why I feel this way:

  • Said clinic is set up in the backyard, literally of my son's future middle school. What's next, a methadone clinic beside his elementary school?? Seriously, we need better zoning around our children's places of education

  • The older I get the closer to home fertility struggles get. I watch extraordinary people attempt to start families and sympathize with their frustrations which are truly heartbreaking. I watch people spend thousads of dollars attempting to adopt out of country and struggle with invitro. It seems like a complete and total waste of life. For once instead of graphic pictures of what the procedure does I'd rather see the beautiful people I know/or of who'd love to be fortunate enough to have a child in their lives. It's just waste.

  • One of our offices floors is shared with ob/gyn's. I go to work early, I've seen countless girls go in, boyfriends in tow and days later I see them in the bathrooms/elevators after their post checkup alone and distraught. I honestly feel sorry for them. I've had friends that do not share my side of the fence, I can't name one of them that saved a relationship going this route. Men get off easy, when it comes down to it, they really didn't make that decision now did they?? Unexpected pregnancies are scary, I know, top that off with crazy hormones and I feel that our vulnerability is exploited.

Now I could go into all of the pro-life/pro-choice points, each side has it's valid arguments in a neutral forum. These are just my personal points for sitting on my side of the fence. My purpose is not to offend, just to explain why on top of not knowing just what the future holds for the size of our family and dealing on a daily basis that I feel incomplete without another child, that seeing this woman touches that very nerve.


Faith Ann said...

I can definitely see why she would touch a nerve... fingers crossed that she'll switch classes due to the new instructor and you won't have to see her as often (or at all).

Pumpkin said...

It is not right that a place like that resides behind a school, where children are allowed to venture. I do agree that correct zoning should be put into place.

As for the 'clinic', I can find arguments for either side BUT I do not agree with using said 'clinic' as a birth control device. There are too many women out there that want to have children but cannot :o(

Shannon L. said...

A clinic like that shouldn't be located near a school. It shouldn't be located in a back alley either, but it shouldn't be near a school. I can see both sides of the arguement - my heart of hearts resides with your opinions though. So many people who want children can't have them. So many people who don't want them seem to be able to have them so easily. If only life were fair.

I hope she switches classes so you can go back to enjoying yourself more.