Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let it Snow!

Yay, my stocking saw the light of day again :) It didn't this weekend that's for certain. I was experiencing a bit of 'new game-itis'

Back to the weekend. Well after not having a winter since 2004 it finally arrived Friday. The drive to Eleni's going away lunch was interesting to say the least. We ended up downstairs in the booth section as the cook for upstairs couldn't make it in. Oh well, I still had my donair AND it was on special! On the way back to work I deemed it a necessary day to splurge on the parking lot instead of heading to the parking lot, trudging through over a foot of snow to work and back and cleaning off the van again. Of course this wasn't without incident ;) This building has automated parking. Needless to say I was a bit worried when the power started to flicker 5 minutes before I was supposed to go and the ticket machine is electronic! In this state of panic I managed to leave my cross stitch bag at the office, noticing the second I approved the transaction so I had 10 minutes to get to the 5th floor and back down, start the van and get to the gate. No pressure or anything ;)

The boys were out shovelling and playing in the snow when I arrived so I could make it partially in the driveway. Alex and I geared up and headed out to our sliding hill to beat it down. After we were thoroughly soaked we trudged back to the house threw all of our stuff in the dryer and made some tacos :)

We woke up to a winter wonderland. I wanted to go sliding but I only got one foot out the door before the wind made me think otherwise. Matt and I cleaned a path for the van so I could take Alex to gym and swim and he didn't disappoint! My timid little guy from September was gone and he was swimming back and forth across the pool, even once in the deep end. He was even jumping off the blocks. Normally I stitch during lessons as he was in the shallow end but this was just too darn interesting ;) He was also a very good helper when we went grocery shopping after so I treated him to a bagel. Plain with butter he requested. Of course by the time we left he was hooked on my onion bagel with light vegetable cream cheese.

Monday the old Caris crew (Eleni and Angela) met at the house to stitch. Alex was very excited that a pregnant lady was coming to the house. It's so neat seeing everyone's progress. I pulled out my stocking and finished the row of hearts on the bottom. I was soo excited to hear there was going to be a floss run. I may just start Alex's stocking sooner than expected. Where I want to make a substantial cut in our debt this year having a stocking that can be finished without costing alot of money is VERY appealing, especially considering that I have about three or more pieces waiting to be framed already! I wonder if I can convince Matt that framing money makes a good gift?? :)


Faith Ann said...

I hope you can convince Matt that framing money is good gift... sounds like an excellent idea to me!

We had a great time playing in the snow on Friday... DS hasn't been able to experience winter very much and it was so much fun :)

Pumpkin said...

Boy, it was a cold weekend! No wonder you didn't want to go out :o)

I think money for framing is a perfect gift ;o)

Barbara said...

Oh, playing in the snow sounds like a little slice of heaven on earth to me! We've had enough snow to play in once since living here, and although it was 4 years ago Max still talks about the snowman he made. :)