Friday, January 05, 2007

On Twelth Day of Christmas

I'll hopefully move past the 12 projects completed to 13 on the 50 project challenge :)

Woot, only 38 more projects to finish before I can buy a pattern again. Although I think the 50 project challenge puts things more in prospective than anything. I just have one band of illustrative blackwork to do on Alex's Lost Dragon Sampler and that will bring the total to 13 :) Even with the tree coming down this weekend I think it's more than doable to expect that to be completed.

To date here are the 50 Project Challenge finishes since early October when I officially commited (I should have committed in September when I was mulling it over then I'd already be down to 37)

Lizzie Kate - Here Comes Santa Claus
Brittercup Designs - Christmas Puppy
Brittercup Designs - Christmas Kitty
Dragon Dreams - Trick Or Treat
Jeanette Douglas - Hope Needleroll for me
Jeanette Douglas - Hope Needleroll for exchange
Lizzie Kate - Dear Santa, We've Got Cookies
Told In A Garden - Voice Of The Shepherd
Dragon Dreams - Christmas Bunny ornament
Dragon Dreams - Santa's Unexpected Gift
Mill Hill - Mandolin Santa
Lizzie Kate - Tis The Season

If I ever mention organizing my cupboards again someone please restrain me ;) What an ordeal that was although I am quite pleased with the end effect. I can now find all of my food, grocery shop a bit more efficiently :) Interesting finds included:

3 bottles of apple cider vinegar
5 boxes of lasagna noodles
and finding out that my counter tops were manufactured 2 years after our house was built....interesting :)

I'm finally starting to feel better although Matt now has the cold. I made it to the gym yesterday and surprisingly it wasn't that busy. I always hate going in January when people are there to burn off some cookies and that's it.

This morning the roads were nasty with a capital N. Only after I got to work did I hear that there weren't any salt or sand trucks out and people were advised to stay home until 9, sheesh. Here I was at work by 7:45 :( The walk to work was even worse. Hopefully this will all be out of the system by tomorrow. Alex and I have an exciting little trip to market and the library planned ;)


Faith Ann said...

Wow... 12 projects already... that's awesome!!

LOL having lasagne a few times in the near future?

Pumpkin said...

Okay, I don't remember you committing to the challenge back in October! CHEATER! LOL!