Friday, January 19, 2007

Black Eyes, Black Ice And Trying To Get In The Black

Yesterday started as a nice day but it was just one of those days that spiralled down hill at a rapid velocity. I made progress on my stocking at lunch, and had taken off another 2 lbs that I'd gained over the holidays. Then I picked Alex up...

I saw him playing with his little friends and I noticed his eye looked puffy. I just thought he must have had a late bedtime or something where I wasn't there to be mean mom and send him for 8 o'clock. When I got him to the van I got a good look at it, bruises! Now I treat a 6 year old's story with a grain of salt, I obviously wasn't there, according to him he slipped on some ice, banged heads with 'lucifer-a incarnate' from last year and before she ran to the teacher she punched him in the eye and he, and only he was the one who got in trouble. I don't even came if his end of the story wasn't as innocent, there's a whole lof of physical proof that it was more than a one sided battle. Needless to say I'll be making a phone call to the school when it's next in session (today's a storm day). Then Beaver's rescheduled their sleepover. Alex was disappointed and me too! I was looking forward to having the house to myself for a night ;)

For some ODD reason by the time the rage started to pass the Canadian HBP popped into my head, and I realized that when I switched jobs last year going from an auto RRSP deduction to a pension plan that my retirement savings now don't count towards said plan. For those unfamiliar with it, you can deduct from your RRSP's without penalty to put a downpayment on your first home, and repay that amount over 15 years. If you do not make your minimum payment after your second year (I forgot there was this clause, so my contribution last year reduced it anyway), you must count the difference as income. I was sooo mad at myself for not realizing this! Thankfully you can contribute the first three months of the year to it. When one is trying to get back in the black, it was kind of a mini set back. I'm proud of how much better budgetted I've become and seeing my personal debt load go down, but still, it killed the pat on the back feeling for sure.

Considering all of this I decided not to stitch last night for fear I'd screw something up! Instead I 'computed' ;)

Thank goodness Wednesday was stitchy night. We braved the cold and headed to Sobey's. It was a smaller crowd than usual but relaxing none the less. Faith Ann's Three Kings is gorgeous and Cathey's 'dog peeing on snowman' is a hoot :) It was nice to just escape. Faith Ann and I held the fort until closing as goodness only knows how much uninterrupted stitching time one can get at home ;) As you could see from the other week the stocking is really coming along. I got more stitched on it yesterday at lunch and it looks finishable for the weekend, especially considering the weather is supposed to be pretty yucky!

Today's highlight: Eleni's going away lunch!! Best wishes on her future endeavor ;)


Faith Ann said...

Thumbs up on the 2 pounds!
Thumbs down on the black eye.
Thumbs up on better budgeting!
Thumbs down on losing the auto RRSP deduction.
Thumbs up on Eleni's lunch, hope you enjoy it!
Thumbs down on losing your alone-time this evening.

What a roller coaster this post was! Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the snow!!

Pumpkin said...

Woohoo for the 2lbs lost!

Poor Alex :o( Said girl should have her attitude changed. I don't blame you for calling the school.

Shannon L. said...

Cathey's 'dog peeing on snowmen' would work well with the pooping birdy series ! Never thought of that LOL

I hope you have a great weekend :)

Barbara said...

I hope Alex's eye heals up quickly and that you're able to get some satisfaction from contacting the school.

Congratulations on the two pounds!