Monday, January 01, 2007

First Finish of 2007

Ok...well technically it was finished before New Years, but the actual finishing wrapped up today. I apologize for the background that washes it out, the table is in use (more on that to follow). Presenting Deck The Halls by Dragon Dreams, featured in the Holiday edition of A Needle Pulling Thread

New Year's Eve was pretty low key for us with both Matt and I battling colds. Not that we are ever up to anything overly exciting. Finding a sitter is too big a hassle and I kind of like spending it under the same roof as Alex, as I'm sure he WON'T want to be spending it with us in the next 10-12 years ;) Every year we let him stay up a little bit later than last and take part in a bit more of our little festivities. This was the first year we let him try the fondue. Not that he got to actually put things in the pot but he did get to assemble his fork and eat it when it was done. He also put a dent in some of the appetizers. After we went to bed we crashed on the couch with a beer and chips (and stitching ;)), turned on the CBC and mindlessly waited until 2007. We actually missed the countdown as one of the programs went until 12:07. Mind you I was only half awake as being reclined made drifting off easy on my sinuses ;) We're getting so old ;)

Today we didn't move too far from the living room. I'm actually starting to feel better. We casually ate appetizers on and off all day, watched some of our new movies (POTC Dead Man's Chest and Cars), Alex and Matt built two of the POTC Megablocks sets Alex received for Christmas and I even started tearing apart the kitchen. Out of all the things I try to hide in the house mess wise my cupboards have been number one since we moved in. When we moved to the house 2.5 years ago I had boxes labelled for what rooms they were supposed to go to, where were they when I finally finished packing/cleaning the little things at the apartment...All in the kitchen/dining room and for anyone that's been to our house they know it's the main artery (especially where we still need to fix the front doors handle ;)) Anyway, things got put away in a rush and combine that with poorly laid out cupboards (gorgeous on the outside but impractical until we put in some lazy susans) and you got the disaster that ours were. I have yet to look into a lazy susan but until then I'd like to scrub them down and at least group stuff in some logical fashion. Let's just say finding 3 bottles of apple cider vinegar really emphasises how disorganized they were ;) So if I meet any resolution in 2007 organizing those cupboards are priority 1!!

Now to finally get back to some stitching. I wonder if I can finish up Alex's Lost Dragon Sampler before I have to head back to work on Thursday??? :)


Christine said...

Awww, what a cute ornament, Katie! Great job!

cathymk said...

Lovely!! Hmm, I wonder if Traditional stitches still has the mag in stock....

Faith Ann said...

That's adorable!!

I must admit, I secretly enjoy not being able to get a babysitter and staying in on New Year's Eve. It was always a family night when I was growing up and we enjoy keeping it that way now.

Good luck with Project Cupboard Reorg!

Pumpkin said...

Wonderful! Nice job Katie :o)

I'm SO jealous and need to get back to mine. I don't even have his hat stitched yet.

Don't worry about New Year's Eve. DH and I are older than you and we haven't made it until midnight for quite a few years now, lol!