Friday, January 26, 2007

A Letter of Truth

Well, well, well....little Miss 'give boys black eyes' finally confessed that Alex had indeed accidentally slipped and in the process came into contact with Miss Fist-a-cuffs who punched him and told the teacher that he had hit her, failing to note both that she'd punched him to the teacher, sitter and daycare provider until this week. She says she was mad that he didn't say sorry for his accident, but gee at 29 if someone's immediate reaction to me slipping and falling, then punching me out and filing a lawsuit (or adult version of telling the teacher) I really don't think I would be too apt to say I was sorry either. What concerns me even more is that Alex is so beaten down by the school system and the not being a 'tattletale' that his kindergarten teacher forced on him that he feels that telling the whole truth will just be seen as a lie and just end him up in more trouble. I had to teach Alex something I never thought I'd have to, how to completely ignore someone. He's been told in the past to stay away from Miss Fist and apparently when he tells her he can't play with her she threatens to tell the teacher he's being mean and he's the one that usually ends up in trouble. I mean when I took him to our family doctor to have him initially assessed for ADD after 15 minutes of talking to him she asked me who this 'Miss Manipulative' is and if there was any way to separate them, he attention was perfectly fine but he was just too overloaded with her nonsense and couldn't cope. Sigh, this is only grade one... at least she can't enter Frenchi Immersion until grade 6 so they'll be in separate classrooms until at least high school :)

Stitching wise it's been a very slow week, this little drama has taken on a life of it's own and has been wearing me out. I have everything but the tree trunks now stitched on the bottom of the sock and have started the sheep at the top. I'm really hoping to get some additional stitching in this weekend but it looks like it'll probably be another busy one, sigh... Gym and swim to go to , groceries to pick up, birthday presents to pick out...I may just skip the insane lines for Body Pump Sunday and go straight to Body Combat which doesn't require people to be there 20 minutes in advance. I really hate Januaries at the gym!


Pumpkin said...

HURRAY for Alex! I know it must be hard to listen to both sides and take his story with a grain of salt but poor little bugger was telling the truth :o( I think Miss Fists needs an attitude adjustment. Maybe now that her parents have been notified.

Faith Ann said...

Hopefully you'll get some time to wind down this weekend and stitch. You need it!!

Have a great weekend!

Shannon L. said...

Miss Fists definitely needs to learn a lesson or two :(

I hope you get some rest this weekend, and have time for some fun. You and Alex !