Monday, January 29, 2007

Long Time No Blog

What have I been up to?? Well, there are very few that would understand ;) It involved the need to obliterate things on the computer with a redheaded warlock. Between the on going saga of little miss fists, DH's workload and a consultant that seriously ticks me off, stitching by myself was NOT going to be very productive.

Friday we received an e-mail about a team meeting, said team meeting involves our flex time and over time because we have a consultant that is used to snapping her fingers to get things done at their old job. Said consultant has tonnes of work resources available but their time is extremely mismanaged and we should give up our flex time and family time due to their failures?? I have never been so irrate in a very long time. I could go on and on about how cold (suggested someone would come back early from bereavement leave to meet with our COTS provider), unprofessional (three status meetings in a week? Having someone come in on a day off for the third status meeting of the week for a total of 15 minutes) and two faced ('the schedule is flexible next week' meanwhile their whining to the director about us saying the department is too flexible with us), but that would be exhausting. Needless to say I went straight home Friday and relaxed with my family.

Saturday was busy. Alex and I had gym and swim in the morning. He did really well avoiding a real PITA kid. Due to a staffing issue we've had the director taking care of the gym portion and she really takes no flack off this kid, great :) But at the pool he's a holy terror, the second the instructors backs are turned he's hitting, kicking and shoving. Alex stayed clear of him this week but did end up kicked in the stomach by him when they were actually in the pool. Matt suggesting bring the camera in next week and showing the instructors the video footage of what this kid is up to. Saturday was also heart breaking. Alex has made real strides in behaving with other children. Common sense is finally kicking in so he gets up and leaves when someone is bothering him which was half of his problem. It's heartbreaking though to see a child who's 'reputation' is tarnished by how they behaved in kindergarten (case in point, another teacher automatically put him on 'the wall' when he was punched after an accidental slip). I was standing out at the pool while Alex was lined up waiting for the other kids to arrive and an 8ish year old boy looked and said 'oh look there's bad Alex'. :( I wonder how many years of good behavior will make up for the adjustment of public kindergarten. I know if we have another child we'll be paying the money for private kindergarten.

Sunday was a family day, we finished Alex's latest Magic Treehouse book, played Uno, toasted bagels and after I took a break to go to BodyCombat we went sliding! Well, I think I'll have to have my old three ski brought over as it was a HUGE hit. We let him go down on his own on his old sled but he really wanted to try the three ski (there was one left in the woods when the previous owners of our house moved out). Matt and Alex wiped out the first time but the second they made it to the bottom of the hill which is a great distance off. Then it was my turn. Oye, scary. One hurtles down the hill when their sled is over double the weight with both of us on it than the last time I ever went sliding! Alex was squealing in delight in the front, I was shreiking in terror in the back ;) I was convinced we were going to go airborne with every bump. Let alone the second time I braved going down and Matt said Alex could drive. He's sooo not getting his license when he's 16!!! We were all pretty sore after an hour and a half and headed home after a quick stop for a treat :)

I did manage to get a little stitching in though, the row of hearts and sheep is almost done so then it's just the vine and my name to stitch in. Piece of cake :)


Pumpkin said...

Sounds like a good sliding session! I would have loved that :o)

Glad to hear that you had some much needed family time this weekend. Hopefully it re-energized you for this work week!

Faith Ann said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Your sliding session sounds like it went so much better than ours (of course, how could it not? LOL).

{{{hugs}}} Alex sooooo does not deserve to be labelled that way. Not fair.