Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Buy Milk!

Just a friendly reminder NB'ers that milk goes up 5 cents a litre tomorrow, you'll see me trying to find two bags tonight with an expiry date off in the future ;)

Poor Alex, last night when we got home he openned our mailbox and was delighted to see a baggie with a magazine in it, his Chickadee subscription...or so we thought. He took another look at and said it was a mistake and it wasn't his. I thought it was just the coupons/ads that come with it blocking the view. He was pretty disappointed. While making supper I openned the bag to get the coupons out and it was in French! His birthday subscription had been changed to something age appropriate for a French raised child, not one that has been in Immersion for 5 months. The thought nice, but he really can't enjoy it for a couple of years and in the meantime no Chickadee. So now we either have to have it refunded and resubscribe to Chickadee or move it to something more language appropriate for him. Thank goodness mom had sent him a Twisted Whiskers e-card, that made his day :)

As for stitching, there has been some progress in the stocking. The last bit is the annoying stitch here in this colour, stitch there in that colour kind of deal. Compound that with the excitement of a new game and the daily chores and's taking awhile :( I'm really looking forward to Friday though, I'll be able to kick back and stitch. I may even rent a movie and eat some chinese food while I'm at it (the boys are away). Although of course if I had company that would be just as great as I'm not too picky ;)


Pumpkin said...

Your Friday night sounds like so much fun! I hope you enjoy it :o)

Barbara said...

I hope you get the magazine issue cleared up. Our kids LOVE their subscriptions. :)

Angela said...

Oh yes, milk prices ... *sigh* Actually the Jean Coutu on Union usually has their milk about $0.65 cheaper than anywhere else ... I may need to start stopping there for my milk needs :)

I hope you can get Alex's subscription switched over!

Faith Ann said...

Ughhh... hate increases in milk prices... we go through 10-12 L a week.