Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wild Weather Weekend

Wow, it was so nice out Saturday! What a treat to have above zero temps (and how scary that we've damaged our climate so), this is the first time we've been able to take our christmas lights down/out in January (usually the deer and the spiral tree are frozen into the ground). Matt and Alex took this opportunity to dig out the cinder block that had managed to find it's way into the center of our sliding hill so we'll be able to use it this winter. Yay!

Saturday night I found my GAST Straw Bonnet so I could work on my Heart In Hand Christmas Medley again...only to realize that in our travels over the holidays the two WDW's I need to finish it have gone missing. sigh... I guess I'll be calling the LNS in Moncton this week. After I finished the sections I could today I moved to my Mill Hill charmed mitten that I'd been working on at lunch, it should be done by the end of the week :) This weekend we also got back on the Flylady wagon, the house is finally getting back on a normal cleaning schedule (and supper is mostly prepared for the week, veggies chopped, meats marinating, yay). I had planned on going to Body Pump today but the roads had a different plan, the temps dropped and made them quite slick, I turned back. It's not really good for the body if it lands me in a body bag... So while Matt was taking care of Alex's bath I did some more fat burning pilates :)

It's stitching week with the 'Friends That Count' and I can't wait to bring in some of my finishes and see what the other girls have accomplished over the holidays :) I really look forward to our monthly meetings :) Well, I should hit the sack.

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