Monday, January 23, 2006

Beat The Plateau

Yay, broke through any of my previous post preggie weight loss lows (and in probably the best shape of anytime I've attempted to slim down thanks to the mix of classes offered at the gym) Yay, now just 14 lbs to go before Matt owes me 350$ towards a new wardrobe, which in my head I have everything picked out now that I'm downtown where the nice stores are ;)

I worked on BP over the lunch hour, blackwork can be fun although next time I'll definitely do it on evenweave. She now has an empty lower part of the sleeve, her left hip and some chest ;)

In cooking we tried the sample curried chicken recipe from and it was amazing. I'm fussy on my curry and this hit the spot :) My two cookbooks also came in today, yay! Tonight I put Marla's Maple Pork from Crazy Plates into marinate, I can't wait to have it tomorrow, it's a personal favorite :)


Faith Ann said...

I really need to try that Maple Pork...hmmm, I need one more meal for next week and I think I'll try it then!

A HUUUUGE congrats on beating the plateau!!!!

Black Cat Ryan said...

Congratulations! You can really notice the weight loss on you!

Shannon L. said...

Congratulations !!! :) Fabulous news.

Maple pork... just the two words together sounds fabulous.