Friday, January 13, 2006

Girlie Night

Oh my goodness yesterDAY wasn't alot of fun, attempting to find a non overpriced photographer that wasn't already booked was insane. This was worsened by the fact that pushing 30 and having a 5 year old gives one some sense of practicality, asking over a thousand dollars for an album that would sit in my closet and paying and arm and a leg for reprints, no go!
Finally on my afternoon break I had some luck and now we're paying less than that and getting the negatives :)

Although the day wasn't all not fun (I wasn't in official training either so yesterday was kind of unstructured at work) I did get out to lunch with Eleni and picked out my wedding band (just need some bigger diamonds in it ;)). We rushed home, had some awesome chili from Eat Shrink and Be Merry then headed out to order the girls dresses. I had SO much fun. Eleni went first and modeled quite a few, all looking very nice then Cathey went in, tried one one and we sat back for a little fashion show when the next thing you know she came out in white and lavender (not my colour, just the demo size), it took us a couple seconds (or me at least), to figure out she came out in a t-shirt! I forgot she was a power shopper and just wanted to check the sizing of the skirt ;) I had a really good laugh at this! After the dresses were ordered Eleni and I headed to Tim's on the way home and had some girlie, mommy talk time which felt so good. So my disaster day turned out pretty good after all ;)

Tonight is going to be hectic again, hitting body pump at 5 then dropping Alex off and heading over the the Avalon for my hair cut as it's soooo unstylable at the moment, yuck!

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