Saturday, January 14, 2006

Second Happy Dance of 2006

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Jeannette Douglas Needlerolls 2003-2005

Yay! I just finished the Love Needleroll, after a sewing machine issue. It's amazing how a little thread remnant can make it jam sooo bad! I couldn't believe how LONG the petal stitch took, it looked so easy but by far it was the most time consuming row of all the needlerolls (including the hem stitching!)

Yesterday was busy+++, at lunch I went to check out gym prices downtown then stopped in the bank to transfer 75$ into Alex's RESP account, that ended up taking half an hour, sheesh (profile update, paperwork+++, had I have known I just would have called online). Then afterwork I got stuck in traffic going to Body Pump and the class ran late as they were having technical difficulties with the stereo, arghh...I rushed home only to have Matt's carpool end up right in front of us and stop in the middle of the driveway >:( Then I rushed out to my hair apt only to have the 3rd occurance in a year of them booking in the wrong week and my reaction was not good, especially considering it took about 20 minutes to drive there. The southside location accomodated me but I really missed MY stylist and fired off a letter to the manager today.

Today I just stitched, ended up getting up a bit earlier than normal as Matt didn't turn off Alex's alarm last night >:( Lots of vegging. Here's hoping everyone is having a great weekend!


Shannon L. said...

They look Amazing !!! *drool*

Hope your weekend goes well :)

Faith Ann said...

Those look fantastic!!!

I can't believe you've had *two* HDs already... looks like you'll have a big list of 2006 finishes if this keeps up :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

cathymk said...

Looks fabulous! and they all look wonderful together.