Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Did the Alarm Really Go Off

Ughhh....I could use some more sleep! Monday 5:00, kerpow! toenail first kick to the shin, couldn't get back to sleep, Monday 10:20, finally asleep when big ruckus from computer room (DFH way too into teamspeak in WoW), Tuesday morning 5:10 thunk, elbow to the forehead, yet again...no returning to sleep. Next stop, purchasing a straight jacket until Matt gets out of whatever sleep cycle he's in ;) I expect snoring tonight, it always seems to come in threes ;)

I got to work super early yesterday and did some stitching while I waited for my Oracle training to begin (and the work day). I even got some stitching in at lunch. Where I've moved locations I'm going to be heading to the gym after work for the next little while so I guess I'll be able to get some stitching in over the noon break.

Last night was kind of crazy, I made super in advance for tonight and the roads weren't pretty making it a long drive. I was pretty tired so I headed to bed at around 9:30 after a failed attempt to located my package from Traditional Stitches, oh well.... hopefully some more stitching tonight ;)


Faith Ann said...

My rude awakening last night was the snow plow guy plowing our driveway at *midnight*!! It was so loud and I didn't think he'd ever get done.

Hope you get some sleep tonight!!'

I wish I'd brought my stitching for lunchtime today...

Shannon L. said...

Hope you get some sleep ! And happy stitching :)