Monday, January 16, 2006

Back Down to Pre Christmas Weight

Yay, I made it down to pre Christmas weight again (actualy 1 oz under)!! Faith Ann's success has been a real re-motivator ;) It's been hard with the new job to feel that successful where my normal gym routine has taken a big hit, thankfully I have a stockpile of exercise videos to help supplement until my probation period at work is over.

In other news I'm getting really close to another happy dance, this time a Mill Hill Charmed Mitten. I was so surprised to see the progress at the end of just my lunch hour, very motivating ;)

Today was just one of those days, the roads were crap and my wipers froze up. When I reached the nearest red light I reached outside to flick it and the next thing you know it was off and in my hand! Yikes. Thankfully it's kind of on (no heavy duty work though...) until I can get to Canadian Tire tomorrow, roads are just too crappy at the moment. Then when I got in the parking lot did I not reverse a little too far into the little barrier...thankfully the snow hanging off my bumper started scraping before I did any damage.

Today I got in for a 25 minute run at the gym, a far cry from my 40 but it'll have to do. I did end up doing the 4 flights of stairs up and down 3 times today and the stairs to training in the other building (8 flights) once, that and the walk to the government parking lot has to add up to something. We've also been eating much healthier ;) Tonight was Little Chickens out of Eat Shrink and Be Merry, tomorros is Chicks on Sticks out of Crazy Plates, Wednesday Tartlette O'Hara's out of ESABM and Thursday is Awe Shucks out of ESABM (tacos on friday are non negotiable ;)). I also have a batch of Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice (CP) muffins set aside for breakfast/snack the next couple of days, how's that for planning? ;)


Faith Ann said...

Woo hoo! Glad you got rid of the Christmas gain :)

Hmmm, I should just write down your recipe list for this week and use it for my menu plan next week... sounds good to me! It would actually work into the weekend for me since I always try to have leftovers on Wednesday so that I only cook 4 week nights.

Do you buy fresh or frozen scallops for the Awe Shucks recipe?

(Glad you didn't do much damage to your car... and yes, I think all the running around you did counts for exercise!!)

Shannon L. said...

I'm impressed !!! Congratulations on the pre-Christmas weight :) Fantastic !