Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monday Madness

Did you ever have one of those Monday's that just makes you want to crawl in bed and wish it was the weekend again? Well I did, thankfully I had some stitching along to keep my hands busy and amp me down a bit. ;) As previously mentioned, the cost of the church for the wedding is a HUGE issue and after talking to numerous friends a 4 times more expensive than every other church in possibly the province so on goes the hunt for a new location and new church home for our family. This upset me a great deal, and really feeling trapped with so little time before the wedding. That was before I got home and found the pamplet for the 'marriage course' in the mail, I could deal with the 80$, but the hours definitely weren't what we were told making them very difficult to arrange for childcare (and the fact Matt doesn't even get home, let alone eat until a half hour after it starts). So this led to LOTS of stitching last night ;) I plugged away at Summer's Magic, watching a little Battlestar Gallactica and passing out at 9:20 from exhaustion.

This morning I was up early as Matt left the door open meaning the second he turned on the hall light my face was blasted with light, grrr...so I got up and ready and arrived at work nice and early to get some more stitching in. Very therapeutic. At lunch I need to run over to singer and pick up a colour that's missing but that's absolutely it for my plans today. Yay!!


Angela said...

That's too bad about the church :( You're welcome to join our church family (Greenwood Drive ...) if you'd like - I think it's pretty swell ;) I'm not sure the "cost" of using the church for the wedding, but I would imagine it's fairly small if there is one at all (there wasn't for ours in SJ).

Faith Ann said...

Good luck choosing a new location for the wedding... hopefully it won't be a problem this close to the date!