Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

Yay, it's 2006 already! Where does the time go? We spent new years eve fairly low key, some munchies, beer and checking out Matt's new Jade Empire for the Xbox (moi stitching away). New Years day we actually had our appetizers (we'd been too stuffed from supper to eat any new years eve) and then had a beef fondue for supper along with a bottle of red wine after Alex was in bed, a very fun night (obviously NOT a stitching night though)

Today was fairly quite as well, we shoveled the accumulation of snow and unpacked more from our recent journeys. I also got to stitch on Santa's Garden and he's nearing completion (although I had to frog the tree pots upon looking at the model, yet another poorly explained part of the piece). Tonight we tried out two recipes from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry! which were very good, Ponderoasta and Darth Tater (which Alex ate after he confirmed that I hadn't cooked his Darth Tater toy ;))

Now onto some stitching goals for 2006:
-Finish Mirabilia's Guardian Angel
-Stitch Flower Girl on L&L's The Wedding (this is going to be more of an anniversary project)
-Stitch 1 Mill Hill Santa
-Start L&L's In The Arms of An Angel
-Stitch this year's DD JCS ornament and Christmyth
-Stitch Lizzie Kate's Snow Days
-Stitch Fiddlestitch Cottage's Friends That Count
-Stitch and ornamentify at least 6 ornaments

Reading Goals:
-Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
-The Davinci Code
-Sue Grafton's "I" Is for Innocent
-Monica Ferris' Framed in Lace

Gardening Goals:
Thankfully this will take less of my time this year as the majority of the beds have been rescued and have had new perennials/bulbs/shrubs put in. Also after two years of extensive pruning our lilacs are in tip top condition as well as the mystery shrub out front. Although I still need to: -build up the beds to either side of our arbour, two hosta plants are in order for sure and I'm uncertain on what else I might put in there
-add additional bulbs to the back garden and maybe some phlox
-continue building up the flower box around out maple/birch
-add another pjb rhodedendron to the side garden to complement the orange and white varieties (white added in 2005)


Angela said...

I miss you already here at work! I hope everything goes really well for you today. Send me lots of emails ;)

Faith Ann said...

Happy New Year!

Good luck today... hope you get settled nicely in your new office.

Your stitching goals sound very reasonable. I think it's easy to underestimate stitching projects and think you can get too much done in a year... your goals sound doable... especially with your wedding and the time that will take.