Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Long Day

Today turned out to be a long day, I work less hours but today I took a bad traffic turn on my way to groceries and it took forever! After two days of hitting the gym after work doing groceries was the LAST thing I wanted to do but with the girls ordering their dresses tomorrow night (can't wait :)) it was a necessity. I spent part of my lunch figuring out the weeks menu form Eat Shrink and Be Merry and the rest working on the petal stitch of the Love Needleroll.

When I got home I had to unload the car myself as Matt wasn't home, start supper, put a load of laundry in as Alex managed to get his ski pants dirty, put him in the tub, start homework and then Matt got in so we had supper. I finished Alex's homework and the boys disappeared, leaving me to start tomorrow's supper, unload the dishwasher, load it with new dishes, prep lunches and throw the laundry in the dryer *somebody shoot me*. I collapsed in front of the computer and read that Faith Ann lost another 2 lbs (CONGRATS!!!) and suddenly found motivation to exercise, and did Fat Burning Pilates for 40 minutes :)

Now to go set up the VCR (yes we still have one, no PVR yet) for LOST and do a little hem stitching as I'm dreading doing the frogging on the stitching over one, YUCK!!


Faith Ann said...

Wow, you definitely had one of *those* evenings!

Thanks :) Glad I could be of some encouragement to you, since your weight loss has been a huge encouragement for me to start!

Shannon L. said...

Sounds exhausting !

Both you and Faith Ann are a huge encouragement to me. So thank you to you too. :)